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Georgia Moving Companies

Georgia Moving Companies

Save On Your Move from Georgia

Move from Georgia with U-Pack®, and you’ll have extra time and money left to enjoy your trip! It's simple. We deliver a moving trailer or moving container to your location. You load. We drive to your new home in another state. You unload. Not only is it easy, but it's also affordable — and you don’t have to drive! Every U-Pack quote includes fuel, taxes and the driver.

Some Georgia moving companies may not be able to service the city you're moving to door to door. U-Pack can help. We offer a wide coverage area across Georgia and in all 50 states, plus Canada and Puerto Rico. Just click on service centers to find out where U-Pack locations are. Don't see your city on the list? Give us a call, and one of our professional moving consultants can help. Learn more how U-Pack works here.

Explore the Peach State Before You Move

In every corner of the state, you’ll find unique, interesting and even downright strange attractions to visit. Before you leave, take time to visit one of these and make a fun family memory:

  • Want to “adopt” a Cabbage Patch Kid? Visit Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland to see the collection and find a doll to call your own.
  • Combine sightseeing with strange American history at Rock City in Lookout Mountain. From here, you can see seven states — a breathtaking view! But it’s also home to the first miniature golf course, which was created as a strange attraction full of garden gnomes and fairytale characters dating back to the 1930s. 
  • Observe the unique landscape of Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island, where constant erosion has created gnarled trees and sun-bleached formations along the coastline.
  • Reminisce about your childhood at the Lunch Box Museum in Columbus, where you’re sure to see things that remind you of school days among their collection of over 2,000 lunch boxes.

Popular Destinations from Georgia

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some common moving trends emerge. It won’t come as a surprise that the majority of moves from Georgia are from Atlanta, the state’s biggest city. But these are the most popular destinations. If you’re headed to one of these places, read the guides below for more information.