Moving from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA

Thinking about moving from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA?

Each year, millions of visitors take in the sites of San Francisco, which is one of the most popular tourist towns in the world. While only the fourth largest city in California, San Francisco feels much larger. This is not only due to its large metropolitan area, but also because it is the second most densely populated city per square mile in the United States. This helps to give it a different feel than any other place in the country, and especially places like Atlanta. While the home of the Braves has many good points, when it comes to moving from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA, there just is no comparison.

What is the weather like in San Francisco?

When looking at the differences between Atlanta and San Francisco, the most obvious dissimilarity is the weather. The climates could not be any more different, actually. For people who've had enough of heat and humidity, San Francisco will seem like the haven they've been waiting for.

Temperatures in the Golden Gate City are essentially consistent all year long, with only about a 15 degree differential in highs from summer to winter. The summers are typically not very hard to handle either, with highs usually only reaching a little over 70 degrees. Meanwhile, the winters are only a tad chill with 57 degrees being the norm. In between these seasons, residents enjoy the 60-degree range.

If you were to look at the aptly nicknamed "Hotlanta" you would find temperatures routinely reaching the 90s, and sometimes even the 100s, with a full percentage of humidity on many occasions. While winters in Atlanta are also mild, there is, unlike San Francisco, the chance for snow and ice storms every couple of years. San Francisco does not carry this chance.

The 20 inches of rain per year do not usually come in large downpours, but rather in softer increments. There is a general misty, cloudy feel oftentimes in the city that lends a certain creative, contemplative undertone to its bustling lifestyle. San Francisco, when it comes to its consistent climate, is truly a one of a kind city.

Are the schools in San Francisco good?

When it comes to education, San Francisco has no equal. For many years, the city has routinely ranked as one of the smartest cities in the nation, with approximately 44 percent of all people holding a college degree.

Many of the schools in the city hold interesting records amongst the United States, as well. For instance, Lowell High School is the oldest high school West of the Mississippi River, and the oldest art school in the country, the San Francisco Art Institute, is also located within the city limits. Meanwhile, the Academy of Art is the largest art school in the nation.

Parents care about the quality of their children's education in San Francisco. The national average of students who attend private schools in cities is about 10 percent, but in this city, it’s around 30. The most popular high education option is San Francisco State University, which has over 100 disciplines available for their 30,000 students.

What is there to do in San Francisco?

Food, entertainment, shopping, sporting events, outdoor activities - there really is no limit of things to do in San Francisco. From the twists and turns of Lombard Street to the majestic design of the Golden Gate Bridge to the stores in Union Square or to one of the many, this is a city that knows how to give you a good time. Other popular areas of San Francisco include Fisherman's Warf and the Financial District.

As previously mentioned, the art schools in the city are among the best in the country, so it is not surprising the San Francisco Museum of Art boasts over 600,000 visitors every year. Those who enjoy professional sports can support the NFL's San Francisco 49ers or the MLB's Giants.

For people who enjoy nature, there are a number of different hiking trails and scenic observation points available. In addition, the notorious Alcatraz Prison, which once held many of the most famous criminals in American history, is one of the most visited places on Earth.

What is the transportation like in San Francisco?

After the amazing weather, the next best advantage to moving to San Francisco from Atlanta would have to be the transportation. You see, Atlanta is very much a driving city. There isn't a single adult that doesn't own a car and very few that don't spend a great deal of their days commuting to and from work. Overall, it has the third most popular public transit system for commuters in the United States. Over a third of residents choose to spend their travel time on one of the many public transportation options versus taking their cars to the streets.

The most popular form of transit is the Muni, or the San Francisco Municipal Railway, which in the year 2006 only had over 200,000,000 rides. For those going outside of the city, there is also the Bay Area Rapid Transit, which has the unique feature of the Transbay Tube.

The trolley system in the city is such a famous piece of transportation that it is one of the more popular tourist attractions in the city. This streetcar system runs from Fisherman's Warf, up to Castro Street and to Market Street. The cable cars have even been made a National Historical Landmark.

Time to get moving to San Francisco!

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