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Gypsy Moth Inspection Checklist


A gypsy moth inspection checklist is required by the government for moves entering Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington, or British Columbia, Canada.

Gypsy Moth Inspection Checklist

Forms for moves entering or leaving the U.S.


Moves to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Electronic Export Information Form 
Formally Shippers Export Declaration Form

From Canada to the U.S.

Customs Form 3299 (U.S.)

From the U.S. to Canada

Customs Form BSF186 (Canada)
Customs Form BSF186A (Canada)




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space needs

Figure out how much space you’ll need to load all of your belongings with these space estimators. Use your home size, a household inventory, a rental truck size conversion, or storage unit estimator to find what you need. 

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Calculate your
Rental Truck Fuel

Before moving, use this gas calculator to estimate fuel costs in a Penske®, Budget® or U-Haul® truck. Learn how to calculate gas cost and see how you can move without paying for fuel.

Fuel Calculator

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U-Pack Move

Once you've reserved, you'll have access to the MyMove Dashboard. There you can view move details and make changes or updates to your U-Pack move, view tracking information, and have access to all of your moving documents.