U-Pack Do Not Ship List


List of things not to pack

Did you know some household items can’t be transported in U-Pack® equipment? While most of your things will be safe to pack, your shipment shouldn’t include anything poisonous, flammable, corrosive or perishable. Common examples are cleaning supplies, motor oil and fireworks. Either use these items, give them away or dispose of them properly before moving.

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Such items include, but are not limited to:


Acetone Kerosene Paint or varnish remover
Adhesive Lacquer Petroleum products
Ammonia Lamp oil Polishes: liquid, or shoe
Bleach Leather dressing or bleach Poisons
Charcoal briquettes Lighter fluids Propane or other gas/ gas tanks
Cleaning fluids Liquors Shellac
Compound-3 weed killers Matches Stains
Denatured alcohol Motor oil Turpentine
Enamel Nail polish and remover Varnish
Gasoline Oil stains for wood Wood filler
Insecticides and pesticides Paint Weed Killer


Combustible Liquids

Alcoholic beverages Fluid cleaners Flame retardant compounds
Alcohols Corrosive liquids Iron/steel rust preventatives
Antifreeze compounds Acids Disinfectants
Camphor oil Battery with acids Dyes



Ammunition Fuse lighters Signal flares
Black powder Igniters or primers Smokeless powder
Blasting caps Firearms Souvenir explosives/instruments of war
Dynamite (plastics or any similar explosives) Matches Spear guns having charged heads
Explosives auto alarms Propellants Sterno
Fireworks Propane tanks Toy propellant or smoke devices


Compressed Gasses

Engine starting fluids Gasses used in welding Aerosols
Fire extinguisher Scuba diving tanks Chlorinated hydrocarbons in decorative lamps



Frozen food Plants Refrigerated foods
Open or partially-used foods Produce Food in glass jars



Antiques Contraband Pets
Automobiles One of a kind artwork Photos, photo albums


Important notes:

  • Some items can be easily moved with you. Find out how to move firearms and ammunitionhouseplants and pets.
  • We strongly recommend throwing away any liquids in open containers.
  • Internal combustion engines or small outdoor equipment (like lawnmowers) can be shipped, but you must drain all fluids (gasoline or diesel, motor oil, etc.) before loading.
  • If you ship used outdoor household articles from a federally regulated gypsy moth area to a non-regulated area, you must certify that the used outdoor articles have been inspected and do not contain gypsy moth egg masses. Any questionable items should not be shipped. A completed Gypsy Moth/Insect Inspection Checklist must be provided to U-Pack before equipment dispatch.
  • Federal and State law enforcement agencies frequently inspect our trailers and facilities for the presence of illegal shipments. U-Pack fully cooperates with all law enforcement agencies conducting investigations in the trafficking of illegal substances.

If you have any questions about what’s allowed, please contact us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077.