Service Center Delivery


Save with Service Center Loading or Unloading

For places where parking moving equipment isn’t an option, U-Pack offers delivery to a local service center. This gives you the chance to still get an easy U-Pack move without worrying about where to park the equipment — and save money while you’re at it.

Though it’s a bit more work, in some locations you can reduce the cost by up to $300, depending on the equipment type. Get a moving quote online or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss your options.  

How It Works

After you’ve made your reservation, call the local service center at least one business day ahead of time to let them know when you’ll be there. They’ll get your moving trailer or ReloCube(s) ready for loading. On moving day, just bring your belongings to the service center, either in a personal vehicle or rental truck. Once you’re finished loading (or unloading), let the service center know and you can be on your way. Typically, the entire process happens in one business day.

Combine Delivery Options

U-Pack customers love the flexible options! Do service center loading and unloading on both ends of your move or get door delivery on one end and service center at the other — you choose! This is a great option if you have parking issues on one end of your move but not the other. Customize your move to meet your needs and budget — explore other delivery types.

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