U-Pack Moving Trailer
upack moving trailer in driveway
Built for Moves Big and Small

Designed to provide flexibility from start to finish, U-Pack trailers are the perfect solution for any long-distance move. We’ll provide a space estimate based on your home size, but how much you use is up to you. Need the entire trailer? No problem! Able to fit everything in less space? We’ll lower your price. 

Flexible Space

Trailers have more space than a 26-foot and a 10-foot rental truck combined! But you don’t have to use it all — just use what you need.  




Street or Driveway Parking

We bring the trailer to you, so you don’t have to drive a large truck through your neighborhood. Just find parking on the street or in your driveway.




Easy Loading

Our ramp makes it easy to get your belongings in and out of the trailer. It comes free of charge, and it’s quick to set up! 


Trailer Ramp


Extra Security

A locking bulkhead (divider wall) comes free with every trailer move. Use it to secure your belongings when you’re finished loading. 




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Important Things to Know About U-Pack Trailer Moves

Prices Based on Space, Not Weight

Rates are based on linear feet (not weight), making it easy to see your cost as you load. Just change the space on your trailer quote to see how your price changes if you use a different amount of space. 

Learn about linear footage

How You Load Matters 

Trying to load into less space? Want to make sure your belongings travel safely? Use our loading tips to maximize space and make sure you’re tying things down correctly. 

See our loading tips


Ready to Move?


U-Pack trailers are a convenient and affordable way to get your belongings to a new state — no matter how much you’re moving. And the best part? You’ll never see additional charges for taxes, tolls, the driver or fuel; it’s all included in your quote! Call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a consultant or get a free quote online.