U-Pack Moving Trailer
upack moving trailer in driveway
Built for Moves Big and Small

Designed to provide flexibility from start to finish, U-Pack trailers are the perfect solution for any move. We’ll provide a space estimate based on your home size, but how much you use is up to you. Need the entire trailer? No problem! Able to fit everything in less space? We’ll lower your price.

Flexible Size

Trailers have more space than a 26-foot and a 10-foot rental truck combined! But you don’t have to use it all — just use what you need.




Street or Driveway Parking

We bring the trailer to you, so you don’t have to drive a large truck through your neighborhood. All you need to do is find parking!




Easy Loading

Our ramp makes it easy to load the trailer. We provide the ramp free of charge any time we bring the trailer to you.


Loading Ramp


Secure Divider

Free with every move – a locking divider wall so you can lock and secure your belongings once you're finished loading








Important Things to Know About U-Pack Trailer Moves


Moving trailers may look a little different than the equipment you’re used to seeing, but they’re very easy to use. Here’s everything you need to know.

They Hold More Than The Largest Rental Truck

The loading space in a U-Pack trailer is equal in size to a 26-foot and a 10-foot rental truck combined (with some space still left over). But you don’t have to use it all! Just use the space you need (down to a 5-foot minimum).

Storage is Available if You Need More Time

Not ready to unload at the new house? Add storage to your trailer move and keep everything right in the equipment! This is a convenient option for anyone who needs a little more time to get settled. Pricing is based on 30-day periods for each trailer you store.

Learn about trailer storage

You Can Control Your Price While Loading

If you decide last-minute to leave things behind, can load everything in less space, or need to add items to your shipment, there’s no need to call. Payment isn't due until after the moving trailer is loaded, so you can adjust the space as you go. Just add or subtract the per-foot adjustment rate included in your trailer quote to see how it changes your price.

Learn about linear footage


How Can I Secure My Belongings?


Most U-Pack trailers are equipped with logistics tracking that runs from floor to ceiling. These tie-down points allow you to secure your shipment with ropes and ratchet straps as you load.

You can request a trailer with logistics tracking from the origin service center, though availability is not guaranteed. For more support, you can nail blocks and braces to the trailer floor throughout the loading process.

 Trailer Loading Tips

empty cardboard box

The Process is Simple

Trailer moves work like this:

1. We Deliver

We bring an empty moving trailer to your home


2. You Load

You have up to three business days to load

3. We Drive

We pick up the trailer and move it to your new home


4. You Unload

You have up to three business days to unload

Ready to Move?


U-Pack trailers are a convenient and affordable way to get your belongings to a new state — no matter how much you have to move. And the best part? You’ll never see additional charges for taxes, tolls, the driver or fuel; it’s all included in your quote!


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