Bulkhead Installation and Removal


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Securing Your Shipment 

One unique thing about moving in a U-Pack trailer is that you only pay for the space you need. Any empty room is filled with commercial goods moving in the same direction. After you load,  you’ll install a divider wall — called a bulkhead — to separate your shipment from the other items. We provide the bulkhead at no additional cost, and it stays in place until you remove it at destination.

Installation and Removal

The bulkhead is made of two panels that connect to cover most of the width and height of the trailer. It isn’t designed to support the weight of your belongings, so we recommend using ropes or straps to tie down items as you load. 

Bulkhead Instructions

Bulkhead Safety Tips

Bulkheads are great for separating your belongings from commercial freight and are easy to assemble. But, it’s important to handle them properly and safely.  Here are some tips for using bulkhead:

  • Secure your items with rope or ratchet straps before assembling the bulkhead — it isn’t designed to withstand the weight of your belongings
  • Leave a few inches of space between your items and the bulkhead
  • Wear protective gloves when installing and removing the bulkhead
  • Use two people during setup and removal
Bulkhead Setup