Adding Labor to Your Move


Need Help With Your U-Pack Move?

While U-Pack® is designed to be a self-moving company, we can connect you with a network of moving labor service providers for help loading or unloading. It allows you to maintain control of the move while getting the help you need.

How Loading Help Works

We can refer you to Moving Staffers, a nationwide network of experienced, pre-qualified moving labor providers that can help on either end of the move. Moving Staffers offers an hourly labor option that allows you to hire a crew for the help you need. Whether you want assistance with the big stuff, or want someone there to load everything, they can make it happen! You choose the number of movers and the time.

Deciding on How Much Help to Hire

The crew size depends on what you want done. The moving labor service includes a minimum of two movers for a minimum of two hours, and the work is prorated in 15-minute increments. If you need more movers or more time, just let them know at reservation. Ultimately, it comes down to home size and budget.

A larger home usually requires more time or more people. A crew of three workers is normally most efficient — two workers can carry the items to the trailer while the crew leader stays in the equipment arranging the items. Something you may also consider is asking friends or family to help with some of the easier to pack and load things, then hire a smaller moving crew to handle the fragile and harder to move stuff. 

Find out more about hiring movers to load a truck and get a better idea of how much help you’ll need.

Scheduling Labor

To avoid scheduling issues, we recommend having the movers come the day after we drop off the moving equipment. For example, if we deliver the equipment on a Thursday, the loading helpers should arrive on Friday. Since U-Pack provides three business days for loading and unloading, there’s plenty of time to schedule the crew to avoid downtime.

Preparing for the Crew

With hourly labor, you'll contract directly with the labor suppliers for what we call customer-directed help. They'll work completely under your direction — just tell them what needs to be done.

Your moving labor crew will provide a dolly and tools for minor assembly and disassembly. But you’ll need to provide any loading equipment, like moving blankets and straps. We recommend checking out these loading tips to get a better idea of how the process works, and where you might want help.

It can also be a good idea to have some water or snacks on hand to show appreciation for their hard work. Learn more about ways to say “thank you” to the movers.

Get Rates for U-Pack plus Loading Help

When you get a U-Pack quote, we can provide rates for both loading and unloading help. Check prices online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077. A U-Pack moving consultant can help you create the perfect move. Combine the easy, affordable move from U-Pack with loading or unloading help for a seamless experience.