Two men going over moving labor plan

Adding Labor to a

U-Pack Move 


It’s easy to book a move with U-Pack, and it’s just as easy to add moving labor. When you get a moving quote, we can refer you to local moving crews for loading and unloading help. You’ll get a price for enough labor to handle the job, and if it takes less time, you can get reimbursed on an hourly basis! If you need help packing and loading for a local move, we recommend contacting HireAHelper for a moving labor quote.

Benefits for your move
Maintain control

The moving labor U-Pack refers will be self-guided so you can control how the movers handle your things. Just tell the crew what needs to be done! 

Move faster

Movers are used to carrying bulky items. This means it won’t take them as long to load/unload as it would you and your family or friends, which saves you time.

Easy scheduling

Our team will connect you to a network of moving labor providers to be there when you need them. We’ve handled all the research so you won’t have to! 




Don’t pay for services you don’t need 


Full-service moving companies often bundle their services together. This could mean paying for services or materials you don’t need. At U-Pack, we refer you for moving labor that includes only loading and unloading so you’re not stuck paying for boxes or packing when you just need help getting your things into or out of the moving equipment. 

Learn more about hiring movers to get a better idea of how the process works. 




Check rates for  U-Pack  plus loading help 


We recommend that you book your help as far in advance as possible since many moving labor providers have busy schedules during peak times like the summer months. Call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 and a U-Pack moving consultant can help plan the best move for your needs.