Two men going over moving labor plan

U-Pack + HireAHelper =
A stress-free move 


It’s easy to book a long-distance move with U-Pack, and it’s just as easy to add moving labor. Book a local crew through HireAHelper and let them handle the heavy lifting while you focus on settling into your new home.




or call 866-394-4710 


Why add loading and unloading help?

Peace of mind

With customer-directed labor, you control how your belongings are handled at every step.  

Customized crews

Choose the crew size and duration to fit your needs, from a little help to complete loading and unloading. 

Transparent pricing

Hire just the labor you need, and don’t get stuck paying for unnecessary time or materials. 

Easy scheduling

HireAHelper is available every day to help U-Pack customers with moving labor services.  

Efficient process

Movers are used to carrying bulky items, which means they can do the job quickly and safely.  


Movers can optimize the loading area in the moving equipment, saving you space and money.   


Find moving crews near you  


Check rates for local crews through HireAHelper and find the best fit for your move. We recommend booking labor for the day after your equipment is scheduled to arrive.  

Still need a U-Pack quote? Check rates online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077.


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