Hiring Movers to Load a Truck

Need help loading and unloading a moving truck? U-Pack® can help! 

Loading and unloading during a move can involve some tough tasks. You may encounter things like heavy furniture, narrow hallways and carrying bulky items up and down stairs. To make the process easier, add labor to your U-Pack move. This way, you get help with the more difficult work without having to pay for a full-service company. Find out how to hire moving labor through U-Pack and what you need to know before booking a crew.  

hiring movers


How to hire movers

U-Pack refers you to a nationwide moving labor network that connects you with local, experienced providers. Follow the simple steps below to hire a crew:

1. Decide what you need help with

The first step is determining how much help you need. Is it only a few heavy items or does the crew need to load everything? What about assistance unloading? Knowing your needs helps us find the right movers on one or both ends of the move.

2. Figure out what size crew you need

The next step is figuring out how many movers to hire. The minimum crew size is two people for 2 hours. But, you can add extra movers and time if needed.  A two-person crew can easily handle smaller moves, but we recommend a three-person team for homes that have two or more bedrooms. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Studio apartment — two movers for 2 hours
  • One-bedroom apartment — two movers for 3 hours
  • Two-bedroom apartment — two movers for 4 hours
  • Two-bedroom home — two movers for 5 hours OR three movers for 3 hours
  • Small three-bedroom home — three movers for 5 hours
  • Large three-bedroom home — three movers for 6 hours
  • Four-bedroom home — four movers for 5 hours
  • Five-bedroom home or bigger — four movers for 6 hours

3. Get an estimate

After determining your needs and how big of a crew to hire, it’s time for a quote. Call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077, and we can help connect you to available options across the country.

4. Schedule the movers

We recommend having the movers to arrive the day after we deliver the moving equipment. This helps avoid scheduling conflicts if delivery happens later in the day. 

5. Prep the house

Moving day means a lot of people carrying furniture and boxes in and out of the equipment. You can prepare by clearing a pathway, measuring large furniture to make sure it fits through doorways, and removing tripping hazards (like rugs and cables). For more details and tips, check out this resource on loading and unloading.

Have questions about hiring movers?

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