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Hiring Movers to Load a Truck

September 15th, 2017 - 9:26 AM

Using movers to load or unload

DIY moving has many benefits — lower rates, flexibility, and the ability to control the move from start to finish. But sometimes you need a little help. If you’re trying to cut costs but want assistance with some of the work, hiring moving labor is a great solution. You’ll get the help you want without the high price of a full-service move. Find out how to hire a crew, how to prepare for the big day, and how to manage the crew when they arrive.

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How to hire movers

Here’s how to find loaders and unloaders:

1. Decide which tasks you need help with. Do you just need help loading heavy items or do you want a moving crew to load everything? What about a crew for unloading? The first step is determining what tasks you need movers to do.

2. Figure out what size crew you need. After outlining your needs, determine how many movers to hire. A two-person crew can handle smaller moves, but we recommend a third crew member for homes with two or more bedrooms. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Studio apartment – 2 movers for 2 hours
  • One-bedroom apartment – 2 movers for 3 hours
  • Two-bedroom apartment – 2 movers for 4 hours
  • Two-bedroom home – 2 movers for 5 hours or 3 movers for 3 hours
  • Small three-bedroom home – 3 movers for 5 hours
  • Large three-bedroom home – 3 movers for 6 hours\
  • Four-bedroom home – 4 movers for 5 hours
  • 5+ bedroom home – 4 movers for 6 hours

3. Get an estimate. We can refer customers to moving crews across the country. Give us a call at 800-413-4799 and we can help connect you to the available options.

4. Book the movers. We recommend booking the movers so they’ll arrive the day after the moving equipment is delivered. This will avoid any scheduling conflicts if delivery happens later in the day.

5. Prepare your home and belongings. Along with packing items prior to the move, there are several things to take care of before help arrives. Keep reading for those important tasks.

Preparing for moving truck loaders

Make a list of items to load

Make a list or put a note on items the movers will load. If you plan on doing some of the loading, you’ll be able to easily identify the things to leave for the moving crew.

Prepare appliances, furniture and outdoor equipment

Unless you’ve added this service, the movers will not pack or prepare your belongings, so you’ll want to handle that before they arrive. In some cases they will help with simple disassembly (like taking the mirror off a dresser), but it’s best to prep all items in advance.  Don’t forget to:

You should also perform the gypsy moth inspection on outdoor equipment before loading if it’s required for your move.

Prep the house

Clear a pathway through your home to make it easier to load the moving truck. Measure larger furniture to ensure it will go through doorways without a problem (you may have to remove trim or hinges). Remove hazards like rugs and cables or secure them so nobody will slip or trip over them.

Make a plan for parking

Make a plan for parking  the moving equipment and for your  moving labor. If the trailer or ReloCubes are taking up the driveway, make sure there is a safe, legal place for the movers to park.

Arrange a place for kids and pets

For safety reasons, it’s best if children and pets are in a place that’s away from the movers and equipment on moving day. Designate an empty room for them to spend their time (and supervision for smaller children), or hire a sitter so they can stay off-site.

To tip or not to tip?

It’s up to you! Learn all about tipping movers.

How to manage the moving crew

When the loaders arrive, they will do what you tell them to. Even though there may be a crew leader, they are customer-directed — so you’re in charge! Be clear about what needs to be done and give them any special instructions before they start working. Once everything is loaded, check to make sure the job was completed to your satisfaction.

Have questions about hiring movers?

Give us a call at 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below. We’re here to help!