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U-Pack Moving Services

Customize Your Move

Through a variety of moving services, U-Pack® can customize a move to meet your needs and budget. Get a free moving quote to see what’s available for your move.

Household Goods Moving

U-Pack offers door-to-door moves for homes of all sizes. You can move to most areas of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico using one of our two types of equipment:

Moving Trailers

U-Pack trailers are 28’ long and are ideal for moves of any size. Space is flexible — use the space you need.

ReloCube Moving Containers

U-Pack ReloCubes® are metal containers that sit at ground-level for easy loading. Each Cube fits into a standard parking space. Use as many as you need and pay only for the ones you use.

Special Moving Situations

U-Pack can handle unique circumstances like military moving, student moving and motorcycle shipping. Contact a moving consultant at 877-453-7274 to learn more.

Moving and Storage

U-Pack offers storage in conjunction with a move. Store right in the equipment at one of our secure service centers for as long as you need.

Moving Boxes and Supplies

Get professional-quality boxes and supplies delivered right to your door with FREE shipping. U-Pack offers boxes, moving kits with an assortment of supplies, specialty boxes and other supplies to ensure your belongings are packed well.

Loading and Unloading Help

Need assistance with your move? We can refer you! Combine loading and unloading crews to make it easier — hire the help you need for the amount of time you want.

Guaranteed Transit

Need to have your belongings delivered on a specific day or at a specific time? Add guaranteed service to choose a delivery window instead of estimated times.