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U-Pack offers door-to-door moves for homes of all sizes and situations of any kind

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U-Pack offers door-to-door moves for homes of all sizes. Through our two equipment options we can provide long-distance moving service for almost any situation.


Long Distance Moving

Military Moves


Experience a PPM move where you don’t have to drive — and maybe keep some of your reimbursement!

Cross Country 


Get quick delivery and 24/7 shipment tracking. We make moving across the country easy.

Senior Moving


Get a custom solution for moving you or a loved one into a smaller home or senior living facility.

Student Moves


Let U-Pack ship your belongings to campus so you can focus on your new adventure.

Job Relocation


Focus your energy on getting settled into your new career — we’ll take care of moving your stuff.

Small Moves


Move a single room or studio apartment for an affordable price.



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U-Pack is often considered the perfect combination of convenience and affordability. See how we compare to other moving options to learn why. 


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U-Pack vs Full Service

Want to wait six weeks for delivery? We wouldn't either.




U-Pack vs Portable Storage

Because sometimes you need more flexibility.




U-Pack vs Truck Rental

Driving a huge truck across the country isn’t for everyone.




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Learn about moving rates and see examples from different companies.


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