Full-Service Moving Alternative


Get a Move Similar to Full-Service for a Fraction of the Price

Full-service moving is designed for convenience: a crew does the loading, transportation and unloading (and sometimes even the packing), and you’re free to do other things. But since this level of service comes at a high price point, it’s not always the best option. Instead, it can be better to choose an affordable moving company, and then add extra services to customize the move.

U-Pack makes it easy to get cost-efficient transportation and  experienced moving labor. We’ll handle the driving and refer you to a network of pre-qualified service providers for loading and unloading. It’s the service you need at an excellent price.

How We Compare to Full-Service Companies

From fast delivery times to straightforward pricing, U-Pack makes it easy to move for less. Check out this chart for a quick look at how we compare to full-service movers:

No Extra Costs

Using U-Pack means paying only for the services you actually need. If you want a lot of help, it’s available. If you just want to pay for assistance with the big stuff, that’s OK, too. Compare that to paying for everything full-service movers provide, and it’s easy to see why U-Pack is a budget-friendly alternative.

Faster Delivery Times

Because they usually wait until the entire trailer is full, it’s common for full-service providers to give a “spread date” of 2-4 weeks for delivery. U-Pack can move you almost anywhere in the U.S. within 4-6 business days. So, no waiting weeks for your belongings!

No Down Payment

Full-service movers may require a down payment or deposit in order to book your move and reserve the equipment. With U-Pack, no down payment or deposit is required. We do take a credit card number to hold your reservation, but nothing is charged until your move is in transit. You can change the dates for delivery and pickup or cancel up to 7 days before your move with no penalty.

No Combined Shipments

If your belongings don’t fill up an entire trailer, most full-service companies will load other household goods shipments with yours. Your items may also be unloaded and reloaded into different trucks or warehouses along the way. While co-mingling and transferring household goods is common, studies show that it increases the likelihood of loss and damage.

When you move with U-Pack, your belongings aren’t shipped with other household shipments or transferred to other equipment. They stay where they’re loaded until delivery.

No In-Home Estimate

Most full-service moving companies require an in-home estimate before giving a rate. For an accurate price, they’ll need to look at everything, including the attic, garage, basement and any off-site storage units. They’ll then use the number of belongings to estimate the weight (which determines the price). Check with the company to see if the estimate is binding. If it isn’t, the price could change based on the shipment’s final weight.

U-Pack bases rates on space, not weight. We use your home size to estimate how much space you’ll need, and you can keep track of your price during loading. Use less space than we thought you’d need? We’ll reduce the price! Need a little more room? It’s available! And you aren’t charged until the shipment is on its way to your new home. Get a free quote online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077.

Learn More About Full-Service Movers

These articles offer additional information on what you can expect from three full-service companies:

Still have questions? Give us a call! We’re happy to explain our service further and help you make the right decision for your move. Want to compare U-Pack to other types of moving services? Use this moving company comparison to see all the options.


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