Rental Truck Fuel Calculator


Estimate Gas Costs
for a Rental Truck

Below are some of the most common long-distance moving routes in the U.S.. We've taken the guesswork out of calculating the fuel costs associated with renting a truck for these moving scenarios. 


Route Miles Gas Cost
Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA 2,900 $790
Denver, CO to Orlando, FL 1,840 $500
Oakland, CA to Austin, TX 1,740 $470
Minneapolis, MN to Phoenix, AZ 1,640 $445
Baltimore Highlands, MD to Denver, CO 1,600 $435
Portland, OR to Phoenix, AZ 1,300 $355
San Diego, CA to Portland, OR 1,080 $290
Houston, TX to Denver, CO 1020 $275
New York, NY to Atlanta, GA 870 $235
Denver, CO to Dallas, TX 800 $215


The above chart is calculated using an average of 8 MPG for rental trucks and a national gas average of $2.17/gallon.

Move Without Paying
Extra for Fuel

If you’re worried about the costs of fuel, you can avoid paying at the pump by moving with U-Pack®. It’s a different type of moving service — you pack and load, and we handle the driving. U-Pack rates include fuel, so no surprises at the pump.

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Other Things to Consider When Using the Moving Truck Gas Calculator

Once you get an estimated cost from the calculator, remember that it’s just that — an estimate. Many factors determine fuel consumption in a rental truck, which can impact costs. These include:

  • Vehicle specifics. While our fuel cost estimator uses an average MPG, rental trucks can get anywhere from 6 to 12 miles per gallon. And on a long-distance trip, that difference can add up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Fuel type. Some trucks require diesel, which is typically more expensive than unleaded gas.
  • Weight. While loading the truck, keep in mind that heavier loads require more fuel. Consider getting rid of unwanted items before the move to reduce the load.
  • Maintenance. A well-tuned vehicle with properly inflated tires is best for MPG. Ask about maintenance practices before reserving a truck, and check the tires before hitting the road.
  • Towing. Extra weight requires more gas, so towing a vehicle or a cargo trailer also impacts fuel use.. 
  • Driving habits. Driving faster increases wind resistance, which requires the truck to work harder and use more gas. Some rental truck companies recommend driving at lower speeds for safety, but it’s also smart for better MPG.

Learn more about the ways gas prices can affect your move


How to Calculate
Gas Cost Manually

If you want to do your own gas cost estimate, you’ll need to know three things: the trip distance, the average price of fuel, and how many miles per gallon (mpg) the moving truck gets. Once you know those numbers, calculate gas costs using the following equation:

Miles ÷ MPG x Gas Price = Minimum Fuel Cost

(Miles= total distance of the trip)
(MPG= Moving Truck average mile per gallon)
(Gas Price= average cost of gas per gallon)

For example, if you’re planning to drive 850 miles in a U-Haul® truck that gets 10 miles to the gallon, and gas averages $2.50, you should budget around $212.50 for gas.

Use the charts below to find the average gas mileage of U-Haul®, Penske®and Budget rental trucks in your calculations:


U-Haul® Gas Calculator


Truck Size Fuel Type Tank Size MPG
10 feet Unleaded 31 gallons up to 12
14 feet Unleaded 40 gallons up to 10
17 feet Unleaded 40 gallons up to 10
20 feet Unleaded 57 gallons up to 10



Budget® Gas Calculator


Truck Size Fuel Type Tank Size MPG
10 feet Unleaded 35 gallons 6 - 10
16 feet Unleaded 35 gallons 6 - 10
24 feet Diesel 55 gallons 6 - 10



Penske® Gas Calculator


Truck Size Fuel Type Tank Size MPG
12 feet Unleaded 35 gallons up to 12
16 feet Unleaded 37 gallons up to 12
22 feet Diesel 50 gallons up to 10
26 feet Diesel 50 gallons up to 10



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