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Choosing the Right Equipment Option for Your Move


U-Pack offers two types of equipment for long-distance moves: trailers and ReloCube containers. Both options work for most moves, but there may be situations when one is the better choice.  






If flexibility is what you’re looking for, a moving trailer is the way to go. Load the whole trailer if you’re moving a lot, or as little as 5 feet if you’re not moving much. Just use the space you need and pay for what you use — it’s that simple. 

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A great option for smaller moves or if you don’t have parking for a large moving truck. It fits into a single parking space, and unlike some of our competitors’ containers, the ReloCube is made of steel and aluminum for extra protection. 

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No matter which equipment option you choose, here’s what you can expect from U-Pack

Flexible Space 

Every move has our “pay for the space you use” pricing, which provides a lot of flexibility. With the trailer, prices are based on the linear feet used (down to a 5-foot minimum). With ReloCube containers, rates are based on the number of containers you use. 

Ideal Loading Time 

We offer three business days to load and three business days to unload. We find that this is the perfect amount of time for most customers. Need longer? Schedule to have the equipment over the weekend — those days don’t count.  

Quick Transit 

Shipments get to destination quickly — most moves average just 4-6 business days. And if you need your equipment on a certain day or at a specific time, we have solutions to make that happen.  

Great Customer Service 

U-Pack moving consultants are available to help with planning, reservations and anything you need throughout the move.