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This is Moving

We get it — moving is hard. You’ve accumulated some really important stuff, and now you’re packing it all into boxes. Maybe you’re leaving a small apartment and you don’t have much. Or maybe you’re moving from a home you’ve lived in for years and years, with more boxes than you care to count. Either way, you’re uprooting and starting a new life in a new place. It’s a lot of work, and it brings up some BIG emotions. Your stuff matters to you. It really, really matters. So it makes sense that you’re concerned about more than just the price, though that’s a HUGE deal. You also want to feel comfortable with your moving company. It’s not like you move every day, so you have questions, and you need a friendly person on the other end of the phone — someone you trust — to help get you through it.

This is U-Pack

We’re your partner, and we care about you and the things you’re moving. Since 1997 we’ve worked hard to remove some of the big burdens that come with moving. Our people are incredibly friendly and helpful. They’ve also been around awhile, which means they’ve handled just about any moving scenario you can dream up. And they like answering questions.

Speaking of questions… if you have one, it’s very likely we have an article that answers it. Our in-house team of moving experts has thought about just about everything, and we make it super easy to find the information you need. Or if you’re more of a people person, our real, live customer support will be over-the-moon happy to help. We hope that when you’re all settled in to your new home, you can sit back and think, “Wow. Moving wasn’t so hard after all.”

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