ReloCube Moving Containers

The Best Container for Long-Distance Moves

The U-Pack ReloCube is a metal, weatherproof container designed for convenience. Simply load your belongings inside, lock it and keep the key. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Easy to Load

Cubes sit flat on the ground and are big enough to move everything from one large room. 





Easy to Park

Containers fit into a single parking space, making them great for places with limited parking. 




Easy to Store

We can store your belongings until you’re ready for delivery at your new home in your new city. 






Moving Container FAQs


How does pricing work?

Our rates include the driver and fuel — which means no hidden costs. Reserve as many as you think you'll need; pay for what you use. Learn more about how much a ReloCube costs.    

Can I lock the ReloCube? 

You can put a lock on the container and keep the key throughout the move. Your belongings will stay locked and secure until you’re ready to unload. 

Can I use more than one? 

Yes, you can! A good rule of thumb is to get one Cube for every room in your home, but the actual number will depend on how heavily furnished those rooms are. If you think you might need an extra Cube, go ahead and reserve it just in case. If you don’t need it, you won’t pay for it! 

How does the Cube compare to other moving containers?

Other companies offer moving containers of different sizes and materials. Learn how they compare to the U-Pack ReloCube:  

Compare to PODS® containers 
Compare to the U-Box® 
Compare to 1-800-Pack-Rat® equipment 
Compare to SMARTBOX® containers 

What if I need more room? 

If containers don’t work for your move, check out the U-Pack trailer option. It’s an excellent alternative for larger homes or moves that require a little more flexibility. 


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