Compare U-Box® to U-Pack®

Deciding between U-Haul and U-Pack

Are you considering portable storage for a long-distance move? U-Haul® and U-Pack® both offer it, but there are some key differences between the equipment and the services. Let’s look at the U-Box® and the ReloCube® to see which one is best for your move.

How does the U-Box compare to the ReloCube?

Here are the basics for each moving container:

U-Haul U-Box 257 2000 lbs. Plywood Single swing door
U-Pack ReloCube 308 2500 lbs. Metal Double swing doors


Now, let’s dive a little deeper. 

Equipment construction 

U-Haul’s U-Box is made from treated plywood and has a weatherproof tarp covering attached with Velcro®. There are D-rings inside the box to help tie down things, and you can borrow 24 furniture pads per U-Box. The container offers ground-level loading, and you’ll secure the single swing door with your own padlock. 

Like U-Haul, U-Pack’s ReloCube offers easy ground-level loading, but the Cube is constructed of more durable weather-resistant metal. There are metal rails throughout the ReloCube to secure belongings, and you’ll lock the double swing doors with your own padlock. 

Container size

While both the U-Box and the ReloCube are large enough to hold queen- and king-sized mattresses, there are some differences in the measurements. So, just how big are the containers?

U-Box Dimensions

The outside measures 8’ x 5’ x 7’6” (LWH) or 7' 11" x 4' 8" x 6' 11.5" internally, which makes it one of the smallest containers available. It has 257 cubic feet of loading space and can hold up to 2,000 lbs.

A U-Haul U-Box plywood moving container.


ReloCube Dimensions

Cubes are larger than the U-Box at 6’3” x 7’ x 8’4” (LWH) externally or 5’10” x 6’10” x 7’9” internally. They have 308 cubic feet of loading space for belongings up to 2,500 lbs.

A U-Pack ReloCube metal moving container.


Service area and delivery

U-Haul and U-Pack serve all 50 states and will drop off moving equipment at your door. With U-Haul, you’ll pay a separate delivery fee at origin and destination. If you’d rather not pay for delivery, you can pick up the equipment (if your vehicle can tow a trailer) or load and unload the U-Box at a U-Haul location. 

With U-Pack, delivery to your door is included in the price. You can also load or unload at a service center to save money. 

If you ordered too many containers, U-Haul will pick up unused U-Boxes and refund the rental fee. U-Pack picks up unused ReloCubes at no cost.  


If you need some time between homes, U-Haul and U-Pack have you covered for storage, but the services work a bit differently. 

U-Haul charges for 30 days of use when you accept container delivery, and transit time to the new home (averaging 7-12 days) will take place during that time. If you don’t need that much time, there are no refunds for unused days. For additional storage, you can pay monthly and store the U-Box at your home or a U-Haul location. 

U-Pack only charges for storage if needed, and prices start at $150 per month per Cube. Everything else is handled separately: you’ll get three business days to load and three more to unload at your destination, and transit time averages 4-6 business days.  

Quoting process and pricing

Getting an instant online quote with U-Haul and U-Pack is easy, and neither company requires a deposit to book your move.  

Let’s compare prices between U-Haul and U-Pack to move a 3-bedroom home from Salt Lake City, UT, to Memphis, TN, in December 2023. Quotes were accurate at the time of posting, but actual moving costs will vary. 

U-Box price 

U-Haul recommended 4-5 U-Box containers.  

  • 4 U-Boxes: $5,874.75 
  • 5 U-Boxes: $6,058.70 

Here are the pricing breakdowns for each option: 

Number of U-Boxes 
Monthly rental fee  $319.80  $399.75 
$5,000 in U-Box Insurance coverage (monthly)  $72.00  $90.00 
Truck delivery in Salt Lake City  $79.00  $79.00 
Shipping  $5,304.00  $5,390.00 
Truck delivery in Memphis  $99.95  $99.95  
Total cost  $5,874.75  $6,058.70 


ReloCube price

For the same move, U-Pack recommended 3 ReloCube moving containers for $4,138, which included equipment, delivery, transportation and standard liability coverage. Worried about having enough space? The price for 4 ReloCubes was only $5,041, which was still cheaper than both U-Haul options.

Ready to make your move?

When it comes to equipment size and durability, the ReloCube stands out over the U-Box, and it’s often a cheaper option to move long-distance without sacrificing quality or service. Get a free, no-obligation U-Pack quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant. If you have questions about how U-Pack compares to the U-Haul U-Box, let us know in the comments. We’re here to help! 

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