No matter what
you're moving for,
if you're moving far,
move with U-Pack.

Minimum Hassle.
Maximum Support.

U-Pack® combines speed, affordability and incredible customer service to give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

That means no waiting several weeks for your belongings to arrive, no surprise charges, and no delays in getting the help you need. 



Service Options


How U-Pack Works


You Pack

Pack on your own, or hire help


We Drop Off

We bring equipment to you


You Load

Take up to 3 days to load


We Drive

We drive to your new place


You Unload

Take up to 3 days to unload


Coverage Area

The ease of just packing, low cost, then having someone else doing the driving made two interstate moves a snap. Finding out how sturdy the ReloCubes are compared to the competition (I did my research) made using U-Pack a no-brainer.
Rene M. Tifton, GA