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Explore One-Way Truck Rental Options and Alternatives

Truck rental is often thought of as a simple way to move, but it still comes with a lot of planning and coordination. You’ll need to compare what each company offers, select a truck size, determine whether you’ll need towing, and decide how to manage the long drive. While some of these factors are easy to figure out, others require a little more consideration. And all this planning doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best deal.

U-Pack® prices are comparable to truck rental, but we don’t make you drive large, unfamiliar equipment. All you need to do is pack, load and unload, and we take care of the rest. No returning equipment or finding a local store — you’re free to travel in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Truck Rental Companies vs. U-Pack

Compare U-Pack to the top moving truck rental companies, and you’ll see that we simply offer more. More space. More convenience. More availability. And you don’t have to drive!

See how U-Pack stacks up one-on-one to these rental truck services:

Compare Costs

Adding things like fuel, sales tax, damage protection and highway tolls can make renting a moving truck more expensive than you originally thought. To make sure you’re choosing the best company, it’s important to compare how each one charges for their equipment and service. You may find that factors like mileage, fees for additional drivers, and travel expenses can make a difference in the overall price.

Use this one-way rental truck cost comparison to learn more. We compare U-Haul rates to Budget, Penske and U-Pack using a real move example.

Looking for the cheapest price? We’ve gathered information about the cheapest rental trucks here.

Compare Equipment

One of the biggest challenges of renting a truck is selecting the right one. Each company offers a wide range of truck sizes, and the dimensions and capacity vary — even among similar equipment. This can make it difficult to know which one to get, and getting it right is critical. You’ll want room for all your belongings (without having to add an enclosed trailer), but you’ll want to avoid paying for unused space.

Selecting a size doesn’t have to be an issue. Use U-Pack, where the space is flexible. We’ll estimate the space based on your home size, but you can easily adjust what you use as you load. We have solutions for everything from small apartments to large homes.

Many truck rental companies also offer trailers and dollies for towing personal vehicles. These must be rented with a truck in most cases, and availability may change by location and equipment type. With U-Pack, you can drive your vehicle and avoid towing it.

Compare the Move Process

Renting a truck for a one-way move means calling or reserving one online, driving with another person to pick it up, loading your belongings inside, driving it to your new home, and then returning it to a location in your new state. U-Pack makes it easier. Just give us a call or reserve online. We’ll bring the equipment to your door and pick it up when you’re finished loading.

Moving Truck Rental FAQs

A lot of questions can come up when deciding between moving companies. Take a look at some rental truck FAQs to get answers to things you may be concerned about:

What kind of gas mileage do rental trucks get?

Because of their size and weight, rental trucks get considerably fewer miles per gallon than a personal vehicle. They average anywhere from 6-14 MPG, but actual fuel usage will depend on things like driving style and the weight of the load. See details for two common truck rental companies:

And calculate how much fuel will cost for your rental truck move here.

Will I have to stop at weigh stations?

Some states require trucks carrying household goods to stop at weigh stations. Before the trip, check with the Department of Transportation for each state you’ll be driving through to see if you’ll need to stop along the way. Read more about rental trucks at weigh stations.

What do I do if I’m traveling with a child?

If you’re traveling with young children, it’s possible they’ll need to ride in a separate vehicle since seating can be limited. Learn more about car seats and moving trucks.

Can a dog or cat ride in the truck?

Pets shouldn’t be placed in the cargo area, but they can usually ride in open seats (secured in a carrier or seatbelt adapter). Check the rental agreement for any restrictions on driving with pets in the equipment.

How much room will I need for parking?

Most trucks are designed to fit in the width of a standard parking space, but they may need extra room for length. Determine what’s needed by looking at the dimensions of the truck and adding additional space for the ramp and room to get items inside.

Will I need to buy insurance?

Liability coverage and damage protection are optional in most instances. Talk with your insurance agent to see if your homeowner or renter policies cover your belongings while you’re moving them.  

Is a special license required to drive a rental truck?

No special license is required in most cases, since trucks are not considered commercial vehicles. You’ll just need a valid, government-issued driver’s license. However, U-Haul® does require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for 26-foot trucks in Quebec, Canada.

Note: While a special license isn’t typically required, there are some aspects to driving a truck you should be aware of. Read this guide to driving a moving truck so you know what to expect.

Move Without Driving a Rental Truck One-Way

Want to avoid hours behind the wheel of an unfamiliar truck? U-Pack is the perfect solution. There’s no picking up equipment, no worrying about stopping at weigh stations, and no paying extra for fuel. And your belongings arrive quickly — transit times average just 4-6 business days. It’s a convenient, affordable way to move without having to drive!

Get a quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to see how much your move will cost with U-Pack.


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