Enclosed Trailer Rentals

Thinking of using an enclosed cargo trailer for a long-distance move? 

Enclosed cargo trailers work well for keeping things dry and secure behind your vehicle, which makes them a popular choice for construction workers, audio-video specialists and musicians who need to travel with equipment. But should you rent one for a long-distance move? While enclosed trailers offer the option of transporting belongings in a weather-resistant container, there are often better ways to move out of state.  

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Where can I rent an enclosed trailer? 

While some local home improvement stores or equipment rental companies might offer enclosed cargo trailers, the inventory isn’t consistent across all states and the rentals are usually intended for local use only. If you want a covered trailer for a long-distance move, U-Haul® offers them, but there’s no guarantee you can get the size you want at the nearest location. 

What sizes of covered moving trailers can I rent? 

U-Haul offers three sizes of enclosed cargo trailers. Inventory will vary by location. 

Size Loading space Weight limit Door type
4’ x 8’  142 cubic feet  1,650 lbs.  Single swing door 
5’ x 8’  208 cubic feet  1,800 lbs.  Double swing doors 
6’ x 12’  396 cubic feet  2,480 lbs.  Roll-up door 


Enclosed trailer FAQs

Can my car tow a trailer?

It depends on the car. Not all vehicles can tow a U-Haul trailer. You must have a hard top car or truck (no convertibles or soft-top SUVs) with a compatible hitch, or you’ll need to rent a truck from U-Haul or another car rental company (at an added expense).  

Is it easy to load a cargo trailer?

While cargo trailers have enough space for small loads, it can be difficult to load them because they are not ground level and do not come with loading ramps. Also, the door openings in U-Haul trailers start at 3’5” for the smallest and 4’10” tall for the largest, which won’t allow most people to stand upright while loading.  

Another thing to consider is where to park during loading since these trailers are not designed to be unhooked from the towing vehicle during the process. You’ll need enough parking space for the full length of the car and moving equipment. 

Will towing be difficult?

It can be. Hauling a heavy cargo trailer means vehicles will take longer to get up to speed on roads and longer to stop when you apply the brakes. Plus, it can be difficult to navigate backing up or parking with enclosed trailers, especially if you’re not used to towing one.

Will I need to drive slower? 

Yes. The maximum recommended driving speed is 55 MPH when towing U-Haul trailers according to their website. 

Will towing reduce the gas mileage of my vehicle?

Hauling a heavy trailer will decrease gas mileage in most vehicles. How much will depend on the car, the weight of your belongings and driving habits (speed, braking and acceleration).

What to do if an enclosed trailer isn’t right for your move 

The good news is there are alternative solutions if a trailer isn’t the best fit for your move. You could consider renting a moving truck, but that would require an additional driver if you were already planning to drive a personal vehicle. And it may give you too much space if you only needed the space in the trailer.  

Often, the easiest option is a DIY-moving service like U-Pack® where you don’t have to drive the moving equipment at all! 

U-Pack works when enclosed trailer rentals don’t 

Whether you’re making a small move or a large one, U-Pack is a great solution for relocating to another state or across the country. And best of all, our options are flexible. Choose between ReloCube® moving containers (308 cubic feet) or space in a 28-foot moving trailer(down to a minimum of five linear feet). You can order as many Cubes as you think you need an only pay for the ones used, or you can use more or less space in the trailer and have the cost adjusted based on the per-foot rate on your quote.  

We’ll deliver the equipment right to your door or to a local service center, so you don’t have to drive or tow heavy moving equipment. You handle the packing, loading and unloading. It’s that easy! Learn more about how U-Pack compares to one-way trailer rental


Need more information about enclosed trailer rental? Let us know in the comments! Or give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to learn more about moving with U-Pack. We’re happy to help! 

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