Compare PODS® to U-Pack

Is PODS® or U-Pack the best option for container moving?

When it comes to long-distance container moves, PODS® is a well-known company. The convenience of having a container dropped off at your house to load and then picked up when you’re finished is a game-changer for a lot of people. But if you’ve looked into PODS® alternatives, you’ve probably seen that U-Pack offers a similar service at a price that’s often more affordable.  

See what differentiates PODS® and U-Pack services, equipment, pricing and more to see which option is best for your move. 

What is PODS®?

PODS® is a moving and storage company that handles both local and long-distance moves. You pack and load a container, and you store, or they pick up and deliver to your new home. 

What about U-Pack?

U-Pack is a self-moving company that specializes in long-distance moves. We drop moving equipment off at your door, you load it, and then we deliver it to your new home (or store it for as long as you need). 

U-Pack vs. PODS®: How do they compare?

Here’s a quick overview:

  U-Pack® PODS®
2-5 business days
Guaranteed Options
Depends on
vehicle availability
Loading Time 3 days to load
3 days to unload
Charges begin
at delivery
Security You lock it and
keep the key
You lock it and
keep the key
6' x 7' x 8' ReloCube
28' x 8' x 9' Trailer
7' x 7' x 8'
12' x 8' x 8' (local moves only)
16' x 8' x 8'
All 50 States,
Puerto Rico
44 States,
Canada, Australia,


Similarities in service and equipment

There are basic things that both companies have in common:

Door-to-door moving

Both companies deliver equipment to your home, then you pack and load, and your belongings arrive at your door. 

Storage if you need it

Both U-Pack and PODS® have monthly storage available for as long as you need. 

Multiple equipment types

PODS® offers two container sizes for long-distance moves — 7’ x 7’ x 8’ and 16’ x 8’ x 8’. U-Pack has two types of equipment: the ReloCube container (6’ x 7’ x 8’) and the moving trailer (28’ x 8’ x 9’). 

Read more about the different PODS® container sizes and how they compare to U-Pack equipment.

Differences between U-Pack and PODS®

Though the basic service and equipment are similar, there are some details that differ, and they may be a big deal for your move.  

Getting a quote

With PODS®, you can begin the quote process online, but you’ll need to call to finalize your price. 

U-Pack gives free, no-obligation quotes entirely online, or if you prefer to speak with a moving consultant, you can call 800-413-4799. 

Loading time and transit time

A PODS® move includes 30 days of use, which involves the time it takes to load, move, and unload the container. Any additional time can be used for storage. PODS® transit times vary based on equipment availability and distance. 

U-Pack gives you three business days to load, three business days to unload, and transit times average just 2-5 business days (depending on where you’re moving). And, if you need a little longer for loading or unloading, select delivery over the weekend and get those days for free. With U-Pack, if you want to complete your move and get settled in quickly, you can! 

How storage works

PODS® considers anything left after loading, unloading and transit in that first 30 days of use as storage time, and then you can add more time if you need it.

U-Pack separates storage and the move, so you only pay for it if you need it. Just load your belongings and let us know if you want to store it at the secure service center closest to the home you’re moving from or at the secure service center closest to the home you’re moving to. Storage renews every 30 days, and you can store as long as you need to. 


PODS® has locations in 44 states, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, with most locations covering large metro areas. 

U-Pack provides service to locations in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. With access to over 240 service centers throughout the U.S., we’re able to offer door-to-door delivery in both large metro areas and rural areas.  


PODS® prices are based on the number of containers, where you’re moving from and to, and how long you use the equipment. The time-frame and season can also impact pricing. PODS® prices are broken out to reflect delivery, transportation and equipment use. So, if you reserve and accept delivery of a container that you don’t end up using, you’ll still have to pay the delivery charge. If you add labor help or extra storage, you will know those costs before moving day. 

U-Pack prices include everything: the equipment, delivery, transportation and liability coverage. Our rates are flexible, so you only pay for the containers you actually use (even if you reserve more containers than you need). If you want to add services like storage or loading help, you’ll know those costs upfront as well. 

When comparing rates, you may find that U-Pack prices are lower than PODS®. We are able to keep costs low because of our unique transportation system. Once your portable container is loaded, the rest of the truck is filled with commercial goods going in the same direction — which cuts transportation costs. 

Read more about how U-Pack rates compare to PODS® rates here.


PODS® breaks their costs into three payments, with the first payment due up-front, approximately five days before delivery. Billing is set up monthly and ends when you’re finished using the container for storage, moving or both.

With U-Pack, there’s no deposit or down-payment — just pay by credit or debit card after your containers are loaded and in transit. And if you add storage, it’s billed every 30 days.  

What makes most sense for your move?

It’s true, both PODS®and U-Pack have the equipment and ability to move you long-distance. But the fast transit times, flexible equipment options, vast service area, and competitive prices from U-Pack make it an excellent choice! You can get a quick moving quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to check rates and get started planning your move.

If you have questions about how U-Pack and PODS® storage or moving services compare, leave us a comment below. We’re here to help!

Curious how U-Pack stacks up against other moving and storage companies? Take a look at this guide to portable storage to get the details. 

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