How Much Does PODS® Cost Compared to U-Pack

What are PODS® moving costs? How do they compare to U-Pack?

Portable storage companies can look very similar. Many have metal containers with easy loading, transportation and storage options. What sets them apart? How do you choose? When looking at two popular options — PODS® and U-Pack — there are some distinct differences. While you can compare PODS® and U-Pack equipment and service, one of the most significant divergences is the price. By looking at a sample move, you can better see how these individual companies handle pricing.

Person compares PODS cost to U-Pack with a laptop, calculator and pen and paper.


Compare PODS® moving prices to U-Pack

Both companies base their rates on the services provided, where you’re moving to/from, the size of your home (equipment size), and the move date. Each move is unique, so the costs will be, too. The specifics will vary for each move, and rates can fluctuate daily. 

This sample move is for a two-bedroom home going from Dallas, TX to Nashville, TN. For this example price, PODS® recommended a 16’ container and U-Pack recommended 2 ReloCube containers.

How much does PODS® cost?

PODS® costs will vary based on locations and services. For just the move portion, this example comes to $2,172.94 total, broken down into three payments for delivery, transportation and pickup of the equipment. Storage rates are per month, and will vary depending on location as well.

The breakdown for the PODS® move cost is:

  • $469.94: Delivery of the empty container, pickup of the full equipment, 30 days use of the equipment, liability coverage
  • $1,573: Transportation
  • $130: Delivery of the full container, pickup of the empty equipment

Taxes not included. Transit time for this move was 6-8 business days.

Sample PODS® storage costs

If you needed more storage, it was $289.94 for 30 days. So for this move with 30 days of storage, the price was $2,462.88.

How much does U-Pack cost?

U-Pack has one single payment, which is due after you’ve loaded and the shipment is in transit. The cost includes:

  • The use of the equipment
  • Transportation
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Fuel

For the same sample move, the U-Pack rate was $974. The transit time was 2-4 business days.

Sample U-Pack storage costs

Storage rates for this move were $150 per container, $300 for both for 30 days. So with storage, this move was $1,274.

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Check U-Pack and PODS® moving costs for your move

To get an estimate from PODS®, you need to fill out their form online then call in. U-Pack offers instant online quotes, or if you prefer to talk with someone, call a moving consultant at 844-362-5303844-594-3077. If you have questions about how PODS® prices compare to U-Pack, leave a comment below. We’re always here to help. 

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