How Much Does PODS® Cost Compared to U-Pack?

A pricing comparison between two moving services: PODS® and U-Pack

If you’re thinking of moving out of state, cost is likely one of your key considerations. Portable storage is a popular option for long-distance moves, and PODS® and U-Pack® both offer the service. Of course, the companies work differently with operations and pricing structures. Find out more about how PODS® costs work and compare their price to the cost of moving with a U-Pack ReloCube® — a convenient and budget-friendly alternative.  

See how PODS® service compares to U-Pack

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PODS® vs. U-Pack moving cost comparison

To help you understand how PODS® and U-Pack compare, we looked at a studio apartment move from Fairfax, VA, to Austin, TX, in August 2023. The price was accurate at the time of posting. Actual moving costs will vary based on origin, destination, availability of moving equipment and dates.

PODS® example price

The total quoted price for a PODS® 7-foot moving container was $4,379 (excluding taxes). That includes delivery, transportation, standard liability coverage, 30 days of container rental and pickup of the empty container. 

U-Pack example price 

For the same move from Fairfax to Austin, the total quoted price for one U-Pack ReloCube (similar in size to PODS® 7-foot container) was $2,306. That includes delivery, transportation, standard liability coverage and pickup of the empty container (taxes do not apply).  

PODS® vs. U-Pack storage cost comparison 

When you’re moving long-distance, you might need storage for a time while you prepare your new home for move-in or to find a new home. Both services offer container storage, but the cost works a little differently.   

PODS® storage cost example 

PODS® prices include 30 days of storage — but the days you spend loading and the time the container is in transit to the new location are subtracted from your storage time. For example, let’s say you know you need at least 30 days of on-site storage at your new home while you paint and remodel before moving in. If it takes 3 days to load, they pick up the PODS® container on the 4th day, and it takes 10 days to deliver to your new location, you now have 16 days available. The cost for additional storage varies based on the details of the move. For our example move from Fairfax to Austin, PODS® quoted $350 for an additional 30 days of container rental (or storage at a local facility). 

U-Pack storage cost example 

U-Pack offers ReloCube storage at our local service centers. While the cost varies by location, it starts at $150 per container for each 30-day period. You get three business days to load and three business days to unload — and that’s included in your price. You’re only charged for storage if you need it. 

Learn more about the cost of portable storage.  

How do PODS® and U-Pack quoting processes compare 

Like most moving companies, PODS® costs vary based on location, equipment availability and the date of the move. Here’s what you should know about getting a quote from PODS®: 

  • Instant online quotes are not available. To get your PODS® price, you’ll need to call or connect through online chat during business hours.  
  • Taxes are not included in the quote. Any applicable sales taxes are added to the total cost but are not included in the quote. Be sure to calculate this based on your state’s taxes because it can add a significant amount to the cost of your move.   
  • A deposit and pre-payment are required. With PODS® you pay a deposit and then the remaining balance is split into three separate payments (taxes not included). Each payment is due at least one week before the service is rendered. (You’ll make a payment for the initial delivery/pickup and rental, a second payment for the transportation of the container, and a final payment for the redelivery and pickup of the empty container.)

U-Pack specializes in long-distance moving, and costs also vary based on location, equipment availability and the date of the move. Here’s what you should know about getting a quote from U-Pack:  

  • Easy instant online quotes. Get an instant online quote 24/7/365, without having to call unless you want to. Our moving consultants are also available to help if you prefer to speak with someone!   
  • All-inclusive prices. U-Pack quotes include equipment, transportation, liability coverage, fuel and door-to-door delivery — and there’s no charge for taxes.  
  • No deposit or prepayment. With U-Pack, you make only one payment after you’ve loaded and your ReloCube is picked up.  

Compare PODS® cost and U-Pack cost for your move 

Get your free, no-obligation online quote today or give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant. Have more questions about how PODS® costs compare to U-Pack? Just leave us a comment below. We’re here to help!   

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