How Much Does PODS® Cost Compared to U-Pack

Comparing prices from two moving services: PODS® and U-Pack

While PODS® and U-Pack® offer similar moving services, there are some differences in how the companies work. And one of the biggest differences is price. Explore what you can expect with PODS® pricing and compare it to the cost of moving with a U-Pack ReloCube® — a convenient and often cheaper alternative. 

Want to compare these moving options before checking rates? See how PODS® service compares to U-Pack.  

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How does the cost of a PODS® move compare to U-Pack

To give you a better idea of the price of a PODS® move, we looked at a studio apartment move from Houston, TX, to Richmond, VA, in July 2022.  

The total PODS® price was $3,112.84 (excluding taxes) for their 7-foot moving container. The price included delivery, transportation, standard liability coverage, 30 days of container rental and pickup of the empty container. 

For the same move, U-Pack quoted $2,306 for one ReloCube container (similar in size to PODS® 7-foot container). The price included delivery, transportation, standard liability coverage, pickup of the empty container and taxes. 

These prices were accurate at time of posting. Actual moving costs will vary based on origin, destination, moving equipment and dates. 

What would additional storage cost? 

If you’re looking for a portable storage option, you may need some extra storage time.  

For our example move, PODS® would charge $210.00 for another 30 days of container rental (or storage at a local facility) and $49.95 to keep the liability coverage (excluding taxes). 

Storage for the ReloCube at a local service center was $150 for each 30-day period. 

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What else should I know about PODS® pricing?

Like most moving companies, PODS® costs vary based on location, equipment and timing. But there are some other things you should know about the PODS® quoting and pricing process:  

Quotes don’t include taxes

When you get a quote from PODS®, taxes are not included. Applicable sales taxes will be added to the price later, which can mean your final price could increase significantly. 

PODS® requires a prepayment

PODS® moving costs are split into three separate payments (taxes not included). Each payment is due one week before the service is rendered. 

Here’s the breakdown of the $3,112.84 quoted for the move from Houston to Richmond: 

  • $477.20: delivery of the empty container, 30 days use of the equipment, liability coverage and pickup of the full container  
  • $2,476.64: transportation  
  • $159.00: delivery and pickup of the empty container 

No instant online quotes

With PODS®, you can’t get a quote without calling or connecting through online chatting during business hours. 

How does U-Pack compare?

U-Pack specializes in long-distance moving, and our efficient transportation system through ABF Freight® often makes shipping more affordable (many times faster) than PODS®. We also offer: 

All-inclusive quotes

U-Pack quotes include equipment, transportation, liability coverage, fuel, door-to-door delivery and taxes. 

No deposit or prepayment

With U-Pack, you make only one payment after your ReloCube is in transit. 

Simple quoting process

U-Pack makes it easy to get an instant online quote 24/7 without having to call. But if you’d like to speak to a consultant, you can do that, too! 

Compare the cost for your move

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