How Much Does PODS® Cost Compared to U-Pack

The big question about PODS® pricing 

Maybe you’ve seen PODS® containers around town or watched a commercial online, and now you’re wondering, “How much does PODS® cost?” That’s a great question to determine how much you’ll expect to spend. For an expense as big and important as a long-distance move, it can also be beneficial to comparison shop, so you know you’re getting the best value. Look at what you might find when you request PODS® pricing and then compare it to the cost of moving with U-Pack® — a convenient alternative to PODS®.   

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A tale of two moving costs: PODS® vs. U-Pack 

PODS® and U-Pack provide a similar service: the containers are delivered to your home, you pack and load, then the containers are delivered to your new home. Both can help arrange loading or unloading assistance, and both offer storage options. In many cases, the difference lies with the price.  

Want to take a closer look at these moving options before diving into rates? See how PODS® service compares to U-Pack

Here’s a sample move to consider. It’s a two-bedroom home going from Houston, TX to Minneapolis, MN. For this move, PODS® recommended a 16’ container, and U-Pack recommended 2 or 3 ReloCubes® (depending on how heavily furnished the home is). We checked rates in late October 2020. 

How much are PODS®? 

PODS® moving costs vary based on location, equipment and timing. The move is broken down into three separate payments (taxes not included).

For this sample move, the total PODS® price was $2,417.05. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • $479.94: delivery of the empty container, 30 days use of the equipment, liability coverage, pickup of the full container 

  • $1,634.10: transportation 

  • $130: delivery and pickup of the empty container 

What about PODS® storage costs? 

For this move, 30 days of additional storage was $299.94. So, in total, the move plus storage was quoted at $2,716.99. 

What about U-Pack

U-Pack rates are based on the location, move date, and number of ReloCube containers you use (or space in a trailer, if you choose that equipment type). U-Pack prices include equipment, transportation, liability coverage, fuel and door-to-door delivery.  

For this sample move, the U-Pack quote was $1,517 for two ReloCube containers or $2,141 for three. U-Pack also offers added flexibility — you can have three Cubes delivered but only pay for the ones you use.  

Need storage? 

For this move, storage was $150 per Cube for 30 days. Moving and storage for two Cubes was $1,817, or $2,591 for three.  

So how is U-Pack cheaper than PODS®? 

For this move (and many others), U-Pack offers a lower price. Even if you used all three ReloCubes, U-Pack would save you $276.05 over PODS®. How can that be? U-Pack specializes in long-distance moving, and we have an efficient transportation system through ABF Freight®. Each Cube gets loaded onto a truck with commercial freight headed in the same direction, which helps make the transportation more affordable (and fast). Since 1997, we’ve helped over 1 million people save on moving, and we hope to pass those savings on to you, too.  

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Compare the cost of PODS® and U-Pack for your move

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