How Much Does Portable Storage Cost?

Figuring out portable storage prices 

If you need storage during a long-distance move, portable storage is a great option without the hassle of using a separate storage unit. But how much will a portable storage move cost? 

Moving companies’ average rates start at around $2,500 for a single container move with one month of storage. But keep in mind that costs will vary depending on the company and how they factor in different details of your move.  

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Calculating portable storage unit costs when you’re moving

If you’ve ever used a traditional storage unit, you likely paid a flat monthly rate based on the unit’s size. But figuring out the cost of portable storage isn’t as simple since there are other factors to consider.  

While prices differ between companies, they’re typically determined based on these things:  

  • Number and size of containers: Larger containers typically cost more, and the price will increase the more containers you use. 
  • Transportation and delivery: Prices will vary based on the distance you’re moving and how the company ships the containers. Some companies include transportation and/or delivery in the price, while others will have separate charges for these services.  
  • Monthly storage fees: As you compare options, you may see fees that range between $60 – $250 per container per month.  
  • Liability coverage: Most companies offer liability coverage for a monthly rate between $50 – $150 per month per container, while some will include coverage in the equipment cost.  

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Are there other portable storage costs to consider?

Generally, a portable storage move is DIY, but you can add loading or unloading help to some quotes or hire a company on your own for an additional cost. 

Which portable storage company is the cheapest? 

The best way to know which company offers the lowest price is to get quotes and compare. Understanding what’s included in your quote is important since each company might handle estimates differently.  

For example, U-Pack® charges for storage at a monthly rate, but only if you need it. Plus, loading, unloading and transit days are separate from any time the moving equipment spends in storage. 

Other companies, like PODS® and U-Haul®, include the first 30 days of use in the initial quote, so you’re paying for storage whether you need it or not. The first month's storage includes any time the equipment spends on your property or in transit. If you need additional time, there’s a monthly fee. 

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What’s U-Pack’s portable storage cost? 

U-Pack ReloCube rates include everything you need: the equipment, transportation, delivery and standard liability coverage. Monthly storage (prices currently starting at $150 per container per month) will be listed as a separate item on the quote.  

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