How Much Does a ReloCube Cost?

What you can expect to pay for a U-Pack ReloCube in 2024

The current average cost for a single U-Pack® ReloCube® delivered door-to-door is around $2,600. The rate includes the equipment, delivery, transportation and standard liability coverage (taxes do not apply).  

If you need storage, pricing starts at $150 per month per Cube. 

Learn more about pricing for portable storage.  

U-Pack ReloCubes in driveway


How do ReloCube costs compare to another moving container option? 

To help you get a feel for moving container costs, we looked at quotes for three different moves happening in the last week of May 2024 to compare the prices for U-Pack ReloCubes and U-Haul® U-Boxes®.  

Prices are examples only and were accurate at the time of posting using the equipment recommended by each company based on the size of the home. Actual moving costs will vary. 

Move 1: Studio apartment, Salt Lake City, UT, to Memphis, TN 
U-Pack, 1 ReloCube  $1,990 
U-Haul, 1 U-Box  $2,422.80 


Move 2: 2-bedroom home, Charlotte, NC, to Oklahoma City, OK 
U-Pack, 2 ReloCubes  $2,768 
U-Haul, 3 U-Boxes  $3,791.55 


Move 3: 3-bedroom home, Boise, ID, to Pensacola, FL 
U-Pack, 3 ReloCubes or 4 ReloCubes  $4,688 or $5,329 
U-Haul, 4 U-Boxes  $9,035.35 

It’s important to note that ReloCubes are larger than U-Boxes. Read more about how U-Box compares to U-Pack.  

Save more money with U-Pack’s ReloCube

As you can see from the example moves above, U-Pack is a more affordable way to move. But did you know it’s possible to get an even better deal when booking with U-Pack? It’s true!  

Here’s how to save even more money on your move:  

Choose service center delivery   

If you’re willing and able to take on a little extra work to load and unload at a local service center, you could save hundreds of dollars on the move. This option makes a U-Pack move even more budget-friendly.  

Check out our different delivery options

Book your move online  

When you reserve your ReloCubes online, you’ll automatically get a $25 discount. You can combine the savings with coupon code BLOG25 for an additional $25 off as a thank you for reading the U-Pack blog! 

Adjust your moving dates  

Some days and seasons are less busy for moving, so you can get lower rates by choosing those times. If you can be flexible, one of our moving consultants can help find the cheapest days to move. Call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to check your moving date range for the best price. 

Reserve all Cubes upfront and use as few as possible 

We recommend reserving as many Cubes as you might need when you book your move. For example, if you’re unsure if you need 2 or 3 Cubes, it’s best to reserve 3. If you end up not using one, U-Pack will pick up the empty Cube at no charge! However, if you only reserve 2 and need another one after you’ve begun loading, there will be an extra delivery charge. 

In addition, if you can downsize your things before the move and pack and load strategically to use fewer containers, you’ll pay less overall (and don’t forget that U-Pack will pick up empty containers for free!). 

Learn more about U-Pack pricing

Ready to see your ReloCube moving price?

Request a free online quote today or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant. If you have any questions about U-Pack services or the cost of moving companies, let us know in the comments. We’re always happy to help! 

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