How much does a ReloCube cost?

Breaking down U-Pack moving container costs

Average ReloCube® costs can vary from $500 for a single Cube with service center delivery, to around $2,500 for multiple containers door-to-door.

If you’ve checked prices for moving containers, you may not be surprised to learn that ReloCube costs are based on several factors, like how many containers you need, when you’re moving, and where you’re moving to and from. But unlike some companies, your ReloCube price includes transportation, delivery, fuel and standard liability coverage. Only storage, loading help and guaranteed delivery dates are additional costs. Get a free online quote to check rates for your move!

U-Pack ReloCubes in driveway


FAQs about ReloCube prices

How do ReloCube costs compare to other moving container prices?

ReloCubes are often the most affordable container option since our prices include things other companies charge for separately (like delivery to your final destination). To help you get a better idea of how much containers cost, we’ve gathered some rates so you can compare.

Note: Rates can change daily. The prices listed below were current at the time of posting. This example is for moving a studio apartment from Grandview, MO to Chester, PA. Each company recommends one of their moving containers for this move.

U-Pack ReloCube quote

Using one U-Pack ReloCube costs $1,443 for door-to-door delivery.

U-Haul® U-Box® quote

Using one U-Haul U-Box costs $1,508.95 for door-to-door delivery.

Want to know how adding storage to your move changes the rate? Explore portable storage prices here.

How can I get the lowest rate?

While ReloCube prices often compare to competitor prices, there are a few ways to save even more with U-Pack:

  • Choose service center delivery. This type of delivery can often save you hundreds of dollars. While it requires a little extra work (to load and unload at the local service center), you may find it’s worth it if you’re trying to stay on budget. Explore the different delivery options here.
  • Check the move date. Just like hotels and airfare, there are days and seasons that are less busy for moving, which often results in lower prices. If you have flexible dates, a U-Pack moving consultant will be glad to help you figure out the cheapest days to move.
  • Use fewer Cubes. If you can downsize and use fewer ReloCubes, you’ll pay less.
  • Reserve online. When you reserve online, we’ll give you a $25 discount!

What if I need another ReloCube?

If you think there’s a chance you’ll need an additional Cube, we recommend reserving it on the front end. If you don’t need it, we’ll pick it up empty and you don’t have to pay for it! If you haven’t reserved enough and discover you need more space as you’re loading, we can still get another Cube to you (as long as one’s available), but there’s an additional delivery charge.

Have more questions about moving container costs?

Leave a comment below with your questions about ReloCube pricing — we’re happy to help. And for more information on what you can expect to spend while you’re relocating, check out this resource on moving costs.