Complete Guide to Cheap Truck Rental

What is the cheapest way to rent a moving truck? 

If you’ve looked at one-way rental truck prices, you may have been surprised at how expensive they can actually be. Adding in costs like fuel, taxes and liability coverage can make a seemingly affordable moving option fall outside of your budget. The good news is there are ways to help you move cheaply (and you don’t necessarily have to do all the work yourself).   

Rental truck getting loaded for a cheap move


How to find the cheapest truck rental 

Finding the cheapest moving truck rates may require some digging. You’ll start by researching each company to determine what’s included in the price. Then you’ll need to consider any extra costs and look for opportunities to save anywhere you can. Here’s how to do each of those steps: 

Get quotes from every company 

Because every truck rental company prices their moves differently and each move will have different factors that impact the rate (distance, equipment size, etc.), you’ll need to get a quote from every rental truck company in your area. This will let you see rates for the equipment, how they charge for mileage, how much towing equipment costs, and any other charges so you can get a true look at which company offers the lowest price.  

Add in all the extra costs

Since you’re looking for the cheapest move, you don’t want to stop your comparison at the base truck price. Instead, it’s important to consider everything that’s not included in your initial quote — like fuel, liability coverage, taxes and travel. For a long-distance move, fuel can be a significant expense. You’ll have to fill up for the drive and you’re responsible for returning the equipment with a full tank. Overnight travel can add up, too, with hotel costs and food along the way.  

Take a look at some example moves to see how these extra expenses can impact the total price

Check for discounts 

Now that you know how every company compares, it’s time to look for ways to cut costs. You may find coupon codes that could take a little off your rental truck move (BudgetU-Haul and Penske often offer coupons for some situations), but it’s important to note that these coupons typically only apply to the base rental price and not any of the extras mentioned above. 

You may also be able to find discount offers for fuel or food through your personal credit cards or join hotel or gas station reward programs to get promotional offers.  

Consider an easier alternative to cheap truck rental 

Have you considered any other moving services besides truck rental? If you’re looking for cheap moving, there’s more than just renting a truck and driving it yourself. U-Pack is an uncomplicated, affordable way to move. We include everything in an easy-to-get quote: the equipment, transportation, liability coverage, and fuel. Learn more about your truck rental options and how U-Pack compares.  

The best deal in moving truck rental may be U-Pack 

When you’re comparing moving truck options and alternatives, you’ll quickly see that U-Pack offers you more. On top of affordable rates, you get convenience and ease. To check rates for your move with U-Pack, fill out the quote form above or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077. A moving consultant can help you find the cheapest rates and get you started planning your move. 

If you have any questions about how U-Pack rates compare to moving truck prices, let us know in the comments. We’re here to help!  


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