Budget Coupon Codes for Truck Rental

Using Budget® coupon codes to save on your truck rental 

Before using a Budget coupon code for a discount on your truck rental, it’s important to know what the coupon covers and what expenses you’ll pay for in full. Let’s take a look at what coupons are available, how they work and see an example of using one. 

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Coupon codes for Budget rental trucks

The Budget website lists a variety of discounts. Keep in mind, these coupons can change at any time, are only available at participating locations, can’t be combined and are only applied to the truck rental base rate (i.e., the discount isn’t applied to the cost of tax, towing, fuel, moving supplies or additional rental days).

Current Budget deals

  • For U.S. soldiers traveling with Orders — 20% off
  • AARP Member — 20% off for rentals picked up Sunday through Thursday and 10% off for rentals picked up Friday through Saturday. AARP members can also select the Physical Damage Waiver at a reduced rate of $10 per day.
  • For students, police, firefighters, EMT, Motor Club members and Bar Association members — 20% off for local moves and 15% off for one-way moves (can be used any day of the week)

Cost example using a Budget truck coupon

Even with a coupon, the cost of renting a moving truck can add up quickly.

Let’s pretend you’re a police offer moving your family and three-bedroom home from Orlando, Florida, to Dallas, Texas. Your spouse will drive one vehicle, but you’ll have to tow your 2018 Chevrolet Impala. Because you’re a police officer, you can use the 15% coupon code for one-way moves. Here’s the breakdown of the expenses you may incur:

  • 16-foot Budget truck — $701.10 (full price) - $116.85 (15% discount) = $662.15
  • Fuel — $374 (using a rental truck fuel calculator)
  • Towing — $203
  • Complete coverage — $298.95
  • Towing coverage — $49.75
  • Taxes and fees — $98.25

Total: $1,686.10

Note that the price increases if you need extra days or buy add-ons like moving supplies.

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Compare to U-Pack® discounts

Does it seem that using a Budget coupon won’t help you save much in the long run? You may consider an alternative moving service like U-Pack. As a “you pack, we drive” moving service, we often provide rates that are cheaper or comparable to truck rental. Our quotes already include the cost of fuel, transportation, liability coverage and taxes, so there aren’t any surprise charges. And on top of our affordable rates, we also offer the following discounts (combine them to save even more):

  • $25 off with promo code BLOG25
  • $25 off when you reserve online
  • Coupon codes for active and retired military members and students available upon request
  • FREE shipping on all orders from the U-Pack Box Store

Want to compare your savings with U-Pack to those from Budget? Get a free moving quote online or over the phone.

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