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Searching for moving coupons

When it comes to saving money on moving costs, every little bit counts. It all adds up and helps keep more money in your wallet — $25 here, $50 there. Moving coupons are especially valuable when trying to save a few extra dollars on a move. But where do you find them, and do you meet the criteria to use them? Let’s look at U-Pack® discounts, then compare them to other companies’ coupons.

Woman holding a piggy bank, showing the savings she got using moving coupons.


U-Pack coupons

U-Pack provides multiple discounts to help customers save even more. While some are group-specific, we also offer year-round coupons that everyone can use. Our discounts include:

  • Reserve online and get $25 off
  • Get another $25 off with promo code BLOG25 (Thanks for reading the U-Pack blog!)
  • Military members qualify for an extra $50 discount with code MIL50
  • FREE shipping on all orders from the U-Pack Box Store
  • Ask about senior discounts
  • Ask about student discounts if you’re moving to or from college

Contact a U-Pack representative at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss these options and more.

Compare to other companies’ moving coupons

Sometimes restrictions apply to discounts offered by rental truck companies, full-service movers and container companies. Here are a few examples:

Truck rental coupons

U-Haul®is offering discounts on trailers for specific locations (these deals are subject to change daily). See how U-Pack coupons compare to deals offered by two other popular truck rental companies:

Full-service discounts

Bekins®lists special offers for specific groups and discounts during their off-season. Traditional movers, like Mayflower® and United Van Lines®, offer deals outside of the actual move.

Container specials

1-800-Pack-Rat® sometimes provides a seasonal deals when you call. PODS® isn’t currently promoting any sales from their website, and SMARTBOX® is offering $20 off moves for military members.

More discounts to look for

Moving companies aren’t the only ones offering deals during a relocation. When you submit a Change of Address with the USPS, you should get a packet with offers and discounts in your new area. These deals can include cable services, Internet, gym memberships, fast food and more! Be on the lookout for these coupons to continue saving money after the move.

Save more with U-Pack!

As you can see, U-Pack offers discounts that are available to everyone, year round. Aside from these specials, we also provide tips on other ways to save money during a move. Find out what they are in this cheapest way to move resource.

Have questions about the U-Pack coupons you qualify for, or how to apply them to your quote? Leave a comment below or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077.


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