The Cheapest Way to Move

Finding the best way to move on a budget

If you’ve started digging into moving costs, you’ve likely seen that the moving service is typically the biggest expense you’ll have. So, if you’re trying to move cheaply, it makes sense that finding an affordable company is a great way to go about it. If your goal is to find a low-cost moving option that delivers great customer service, consider U-Pack. For long-distance moves, our rates are often the most affordable — and you don't have to drive! 

Person figuring the cheapest way to move with a calculator, laptop and paper.


Why are your rates cheap?

U-Pack was designed with ease and affordability in mind, so savings can be found throughout our entire process. But the biggest price advantage comes from the way we move your belongings. Our primary transportation provider ABF Freight has service centers strategically located across the country to help move freight in the most efficient way. By tapping into their network and using extra equipment space to haul commercial goods moving in the same direction as your belongings, we’re able to offer the most affordable long-distance moving rates. 

And the savings don’t stop there. By packing and loading your own stuff, you’re able to save on moving crews — leaving extra room in your budget for costs that aren’t so flexible. And you can keep track of your U-Pack price as you go, so you won’t spend more than expected. We can also help you find low-cost moving supplies, so you can save money without risking damage to your items. 

Want to save even more? Explore our additional savings opportunities to see what works for you!

Compare U-Pack to other cheap moving options

After more than 20 years in the moving business, we’ve come across many other options people have considered to get a cheap move. And while the best way to make sure you’re getting a good rate is to get quotes and compare, it can be helpful to understand why those other options aren’t always cheapest. Here are some of the most common questions we’ve gotten about cheap moving rates:

Isn’t truck rental cheaper?

While you may hear people say that truck rental is the all-around cheapest option, that’s not always the case — especially for long-distance moves. Paying for fuel, taxes, tolls and damage coverage can make renting a truck more expensive than you think. Check out this article to see how U-Pack can be more affordable than even the cheapest rental truck

What if I just sell my belongings?

If you don’t have much to move, and what you have is of little value, this may be a good option. Just be sure the price tag for buying all new stuff isn’t more expensive than moving what you already own. If this is something you’re considering, it’s a good idea to price furniture, etc., in your new city before getting rid of your stuff. 

Would it be less expensive to use a parcel service?

If you’re moving just a few boxes, it may be cost-effective to ship belongings through the U.S. Postal Service. But if you have furniture, U-Pack is typically the best way to move it. Learn more about using U-Pack to ship furniture affordably

The best solution for cheap moving: U-Pack

Affordable moving prices are important, but there’s no need to sacrifice quality just to get a good deal. With U-Pack, you pack and load, but we handle the driving. And since our rates are based on the space you use, it’s easy to make sure you’re staying on budget. 

Get a quote to see how cheap a move with U-Pack can be. Or check out these articles to learn more and see comparison prices for moving different distances: