What Will My Moving Price Be?

Worried about higher prices for moving?

It’s hard to find an industry that hasn’t been affected by inflation — groceries and household items cost more than they did a few years ago, housing prices have been increasing, and filling up at the gas pump can come with some sticker shock. The moving industry is no exception to this impact, which is why you may see higher quotes than expected. If you’re planning a move, learn how to find out how much it will cost and see how moving with U-Pack helps people move for less. 

How much will my move cost?

It’s hard to say since there’s no one-price-fits-all quote available for moving and several factors go into determining the final cost. At U-Pack®, our billing process and services are simple. We’re a DIY long-distance moving service where you pack and load, and then we drive to pass along the most savings to you. While we can’t provide an exact price without knowing the details, we can point you in the right direction to help avoid any hidden costs.

understanding moving costs


5 steps to figure out your moving price


Research companies to find the right services

Make sure you know what’s included in the services provided by any moving companies you’re considering. For example, don’t pay for a full-service mover if you don’t need all the services they offer. 

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Get quotes to compare prices

Getting a quote is more than just finding the cheapest way to move. Make sure you’re comparing similar services between companies and prepared for any additional costs like fuel, storage or delivery fees. Start with U-Pack’s moving cost estimator to learn what goes into our rates and get a price for our moving services.

Learn how to read the estimate

Moving quotes vary from company to company, so be sure to read the fine print. Knowing what to expect from a moving estimate will help you compare costs between different companies while shopping for services.

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Look for cost savings to avoid paying too much

Whether you plan a move for the off-peak season or use discount codes, it’s a good idea to look for cost savings. At U-Pack, our helpful moving consultants can advise you on the cheapest days to move. It’s also helpful to check if moving expenses are tax deductible based on your military status or location.

Budget for all moving expenses

Having a realistic budget for relocating will help avoid any surprises later. Consider the quotes you’ve gotten, then start thinking about potential incidentals, like personal travel expenses, to figure out how much money you’ll need to move out of state.

Have more questions about moving costs? 

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