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Want to quickly calculate your moving costs? Use the U-Pack quote form 

Did you know you can check your moving rates with U-Pack in just a few clicks? U-Pack is a nationwide, long-distance DIY moving service where you do the packing and loading, but we do the driving. And you can add labor and storage, too! No matter what you need, it’s easy to calculate your moving costs by filling out the quote form below. Just tell us a few details about your move and see a price instantly. 

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Note: In some special cases (like shipments going to Alaska or Puerto Rico), an email address may be required so a moving consultant can verify the specifics. In those instances, we’ll send you a quote via email in one business day. 

What does the quote include? 

U-Pack rates include: 

  • The moving equipment – if both the moving trailer and ReloCube are available for your move, you may be able to toggle between them in your online quote to compare.  
  • Transportation – Your quote may include options for both door-to-door and loading/unloading at a service center 
  • Basic liability coverage – increased coverage options are available for an additional charge 
  • Fuel 

You may also see options for loading and unloading help (if available). To get storage rates, save your quote with your email address, and we will send them to you directly. 

Need help understanding the options on your online quote? This post on how to read your moving quote outlines what each option means. Or give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 with any questions. 

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Factors that go into calculating the cost

These are the things U-Pack considers when calculating your move price: 

Where you’re moving from and to 

When it comes to one-way moves, your location matters. Here are three ways distance impacts price: 

  1. How far are you traveling from origin to destination? The overall distance dictates fuel and transportation costs — typically, the farther the drive, the higher the price.  
  2. How far are the locations from a service center? Since equipment gets dispatched from a local service center, going farther can cost more.  
  3. Are the locations in areas with high or low equipment availability? If we have excess equipment that needs to be moved out (or need to move equipment into an area), certain areas can have different pricing.  

If you don’t know the exact destination address, we can easily give you a quote using zip codes in the general area. Just note that a zip code change could change the price if the service center changes or the home is farther from the service center than expected.  

Move date 

Just like airlines or hotels, moving rates have peak and off-peak times. Some months or dates may have higher prices.  

Home size 

Based on your home size, we’ll estimate the space you’ll use — either linear footage in a moving trailer or the number of ReloCube containers. But the space is flexible since your final cost depends on the containers or linear feet you actually use. 

Have questions about your rate? These moving price FAQs will help you understand why prices fluctuate and how to get the cheapest rate. 

Learn more about estimating moving costs 

If you’re just beginning to research moving services, it might help see actual price examples from other types of moving companies. You can see how different moving companies determine their costs (with real price comparisons).  

Or, if you’re ready to start budgeting for your move, these tips will help you create a plan to save.  

Need help figuring out your rates? 

If you have questions about calculating your moving costs, leave a comment below or give us a call. We’re happy to help!