Moving Cost Calculator

Calculate moving expenses with a moving cost estimator

The formula for determining the price of a move takes many things into account: equipment availability, distance, fuel expenses and market demand to name a few. To help take the difficulty out, U-Pack offers an online calculator that makes it easy to estimate moving costs. Find out how to use the U-Pack cost tool and learn more about the main components that determine rates.

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How to use the U-Pack moving calculator

The easiest way to determine your moving expenses is to use the U-Pack quote form. Just tell us a few details and see a price instantly — with no obligation! You can choose to provide your email address to save the quote, but it’s typically not required. In some rare cases (like shipments going to Alaska or Puerto Rico), a consultant will need to look over the details and double check the moving calculations. In those instances, we’ll need email a quote to you in one business day.

U-Pack Tip: In many cases, you can toggle between a moving trailer and ReloCube quote. But if you only see one option, email with your Quote ID Number, and we’ll check availability and prices.

If you prefer to get a quote over the phone, call 844-362-5303844-594-3077, and a moving consultant will gather information and estimate moving costs on the call.

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Understand the specifics

To help make sense of the results of the U-Pack moving quote calculator, we’ve broken down the primary details that go into the cost:

Home size

U-Pack bases rates on space, not weight, so we use the home size to estimate the needs. Space is measured either in linear footage in a moving trailer or by the total number of ReloCube® containers.


Just like airlines or hotels, moving rates have peak and off-peak times. Some months may have higher prices.

Origin and destination

The locations are important for three reasons:

  • Going farther costs more in fuel and transportation charges.
  • Equipment is dispatched from a service center, so the distance from the service center to your home matters.
  • Some areas have more shipments coming in, so moving out of them is more affordable (since we have equipment there that needs to be moved).

If you don’t know the exact destination address, we can estimate costs using zip codes, just be aware that if the zip codes change, the price could change.

To calculate your total moving expense, be sure to consider all other costs (travel, boxes, etc.) that you’ll need to budget for in addition to the moving service.

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What’s included?

The last piece of the puzzle is what’s included in the moving cost. With U-Pack, it’s how much space you use inside the moving equipment, the delivery option you choose (either door-to-door, or loaded or unloaded at a local service center), transportation, fuel and liability coverage. The quote also includes rates for storage and loading help if you opt to add those services. See how to read your U-Pack quote.

Have questions about the U-Pack moving cost calculator?

For help getting a quote or for questions about moving costs, leave a comment or give us a call. We’re here to help.