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How much money should you save before moving out of state?

September 6th, 2018 - 3:30 PM

Budgeting and preparing to move out of state

If you’re planning a move to another state, you may be wondering how you’re going to save enough money before moving day. You’re probably used to saving for other big purchases like buying new furniture or booking vacations, but a long-distance move isn’t as common of an expense. Fortunately, saving for a move can be simple once you make a plan. Start by figuring out how much you’ll need to set back, and then follow some simple tips to save.

saving money in a piggy bank for an out of state move

How much does it cost to move to another state?

The costs of each move can differ widely based on individual factors, like where you’re moving to and from, home size and the services selected. In a more general sense, several expenses contribute to the cost. While all of these won’t apply to every situation, it’s important to see the role they play as you budget for an out-of-state move.

Typical relocation expenses are:

  • Transportation. Some moving companies, like U-Pack, include transportation in the quote. Others, like the U-Haul® U-Box®, have optional transportation. Make sure to understand what the price covers.
  • Storage. While storage is a great service if you need it, in some cases, the moving cost will contain storage time even if you don’t want it.
  • Moving supplies. Boxes and other packing materials are vital for protecting belongings, so you’ll want to budget for professional supplies.
  • Deposits and down payments. Some moving services require an advanced deposit, so you’ll need to be prepared for that expense. U-Pack doesn’t require a deposit or down payment — payment is due once the shipment begins transit.
  • Insurance and liability coverage. These might be included in the rate, or could be an additional cost. For example, rental trucks typically don’t include liability coverage, but U-Pack rates do.
  • Fuel. This is an extra expense for truck rental, and it can really add up, especially when moving out of state. Learn more about how fuel impacts moving costs.
  • Loading and unloading services. This fee is included in a full-service move. To save, you can choose to add loading help to a more DIY option and pay only for the help you need.
  • Travel. Check costs for any potential travel expenses like plane tickets, auto shipping, hotel stops and food. Depending on how you’re getting to the new state, these costs could increase the budget significantly.

How do these factors play into your actual out of state moving costs?

Get a moving quote from U-Pack online or by calling 800-413-4799 to see exactly how much you’ll spend on your move. U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service, so transportation, the moving equipment, liability coverage and fuel are included. Just add in travel, any additional storage or loading help, and you’ll know how much to save before moving.

Learn even more about figuring moving costs here.

How to budget for a move

When it comes to actually saving for the move, there are endless ways to set money aside. These are some of our favorite ideas:

Save your tax refund

It’s tempting to spend your tax refund on something fun, like a vacation or a shopping spree, but the money can go a long way toward your move.

Take on a part-time job

While it can stretch your schedule, a part-time job can make a big impact on your moving budget. Many apps allow you to do “gigs” where you run errands or put together furniture. Or maybe start driving or delivering food. Other options are more traditional like retail or food service, or even a part-time office job. Either way, working a few hours a couple of days a week can add up.

Rent out a spare room

Put your extra bedroom (or your whole house, if you have somewhere else to stay) on a home rental website. It can be a great way to create extra income.

Start a side business

Turn your hobbies and talents into side jobs! Do you like to sew? Take custom orders. Love to work on cars? Offer to do the oil changes for family and friends. Babysitting, lawn mowing, tutoring, and house cleaning are other ideas. Offer your services on social media or local online job boards.

Have a garage sale

Get rid of excess clutter and make some cash for your move! A yard sale is a great idea if you’re downsizing, have kids outgrowing clothing sizes or toys, or you just want to get rid of unwanted items. In just a day or two of sales, you can make extra cash.

Make sure your moving costs are in check

One of the best things to do when figuring your moving budget is checking your moving costs. If there are any services you don’t need, see if you can cut them out of your move. It’s important to avoid needless spending.

Determine how much money to save before the move

Get a quote online and start preparing the moving budget. Need help figuring out how to prepare for moving out of state? Leave a comment below — we’re happy to help!

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