Shipping Rates for Household Goods

Options for shipping household goods

Shipping household goods is an excellent alternative to handling a move yourself. Instead of doing all the work, it frees you up to travel as a family or catch a quick flight. But what are your shipping options, and how much does it cost?

If you’re moving only a few boxes (and no furniture), it may be cheapest to ship via parcel service, or by plane, train or bus. But, if you’re moving a household with furniture and boxes to a new location, using a moving service is better.

A scale balancing the household goods shipping costs with a home.


How much does it cost to ship household items?

Shipping rates vary depending on the company you use. Your options include:

  • Full-service movers – you pay for labor and transportation (typically the higher-priced option)
  • Self-move services – you pack and load, and they take care of the transportation (typically the lower-cost option)

Take a look at a few cost examples to see how much it costs to ship your household goods with U-Pack. Keep in mind that rates can change daily, and they vary by location, date and shipment size. The best way to see your cost is to get a quote.

Example 1: ReloCube

One ReloCube® is ideal for a studio apartment or one room’s worth of household goods and furniture. Let’s look at a small-move example using one CubeTMfrom Houston, Texas, to Springfield, Missouri (670 miles). For this situation, U-Pack shipping rates were $794 for one moving container.

Example 2: Trailer

For this next example, we’re moving a two-bedroom home from Denver, Colorado, to Indianapolis, Indiana (1,085 miles). Using 13 linear feet in our trailer (recommended for this home size), our rate was $1,385. But, if you could fit into less space, the price decreases. 

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See how much it will cost to ship your stuff with a free quote!

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