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Shipping Rates for Household Goods

July 11th, 2018 - 8:35 AM

Affordable ways to ship household goods

Transporting household goods long distance can be a hectic experience. You’re not only dealing with getting your family to a new home, but you’re also having to maneuver a large truck or trailer through unfamiliar cities. The good news is it’s possible to move without driving. You can ship belongings with a full-service company or with a “you pack, we drive” service like U-Pack®. If you’re looking to keep rates affordable, U-Pack is often the best option. Keep reading to learn what goes into household goods shipping rates and how prices compare. 

household goods shipping

How much does it cost to ship household items?

The cost of shipping household goods is traditionally based on the total weight. But U-Pack does things a little differently. Rather than using weight, U-Pack uses space. The amount of room items take up inside the trailer (or the number of Cubes you use) will determine how much the move costs. 

Compare household goods shipping rates

Let’s take a look at how space-based pricing can help you save. Say you’re moving a 2-bedroom home from Austin, Texas, to Brentwood, Tennessee. Bekins Van Lines® estimates a rate of $3,180.93 to $4,150 to ship household goods that distance. If you want packing services, the price goes up to $4,458.88 to $5,909.59. The final rate will depend on the actual weight of the shipment.

With U-Pack, the same move will cost $1,902 for two ReloCube containers or $2,253 for 13 feet in the trailer. If you use less space, you’ll pay less. 

Because each move is different, the best way to see your rate is to get a free moving quote.

*Note that prices can vary based on several criteria, including locations, date and shipment size. 

How U-Pack keeps rates low

As you can see from the example above, shipping household goods with U-Pack can be more affordable than using a full-service company. This price difference is largely due to our efficient transportation carrier ABF Freight®. Combining a proven transportation system with our commitment to providing seamless moves leads to benefits such as:

  • Fast transit times. Many traditional shipping companies take weeks (and sometimes months) to deliver household goods. Our transit times average just 2-5 business days.
  • Top-notch customer service. When you call U-Pack, you’ll speak with helpful moving consultants who are trained to provide support throughout the entire process — from helping with a quote to planning moving day logistics.
  • Flexible options. Choose the equipment type that works best, decide when and where you want items picked up and delivered and even add storage if more time is needed.

Shipping household goods with U-Pack

U-Pack service saves both time and money whether you’re shipping an entire home or just a room’s worth of furniture and boxes. And with flexibility for moves both big and small, U-Pack allows you to customize the move to fit your needs. Take a look at the variety of scenarios we’re designed for:

  • State-to-state moves. This is what U-Pack specializes in — with access to service centers across the country, U-Pack provides service to all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
  • Moves into and out of Canada. U-Pack can ship household goods between the U.S. and Canada, with transit times that are typically much faster than other companies.
  • Military household goods shipping. If you’re planning a PCS move across the country, U-Pack is a great option to consider. We can provide full and empty weight tickets, fast transit times and a military moving specialist to make sure the move goes smoothly. Read more about military shipping with U-Pack.  

Don’t see your situation on our list? Call us at 800-413-4799 to discuss options.

Ready to ship household items?

Want to start comparing rates? Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to find out the cost to ship household goods. For questions about rates or how U-Pack works, call 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below.  

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