The Best Way to Ship Household Goods

Options for household goods shipping

When it comes to getting your belongings from one state to another, the options sound like the old movie “Planes, trains and automobiles.” While these modes of transportation work well for new items in original packaging, to ship your household goods safely, it’s best to use a company that specializes in residential moving — not just shipping. Every aspect of U-Pack is designed to make shipping household goods long-distance easier and more convenient. Your belongings stay where you load them (instead of being transferred over and over again), which helps keep them safe. With average transit times of 2-5 days, shipments arrive quickly. And prices are based on the space you use rather than the weight and dimensions of your items.

Mom and dad sitting on the couch while two children play with boxes of household goods ready to be shipped.


How to ship household goods with U-Pack

U-Pack has been doing residential freight shipping since 1997, and we’ve helped over 1.4 million people move their household goods since then. It’s a DIY service where you save money by packing and loading, and then experienced drivers transport everything safely and securely. With flexible equipment options, you can ship a little or a lot. And with 24/7 online tracking, you can watch your shipment as it travels across the country.

Here’s a quick look at how U-Pack works:

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Shipping FAQs

Here are some common questions our moving consultants get about shipping household items:

How much does it cost to ship household goods?

While parcel services or full-service movers charge based on the weight or dimensions of your items, U-Pack rates are based on the space you use. So while you’re loading, you can see how much room your belongings take up, and if you need more or less space than quoted, we adjust the rate accordingly.

Shipping rates depend on where, how much and when you’re shipping. Enter the details of your move online, and we’ll give you a quote right away. Or you can call a helpful U-Pack consultant at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 for a quote over the phone. U-Pack rates include the equipment, fuel, driver and liability coverage.

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How long does it take?

U-Pack is one of the fastest ways to get your items to your new home. Using a network of strategically placed service centers, your shipment travels quickly, arriving in days (compared to weeks with other companies). Our average transit times are between 2-5 business days, and if you need it there faster, we have expedited options with U-Pack Guaranteed.

How do I keep my stuff safe?

There are several ways to protect your belongings when shipping them across the country. First, you should use high-quality packing supplies and wrap everything well. Our packing tips detail how to prep everything from dishes to furniture.

The next step is securing everything well in the equipment. We won’t unload your belongings along the way, so use rope or straps to tie it all down and help prevent damage in transit.

Lastly, your  belongings are protected from issues that could come with co-mingling shipments. Because yours is the only household goods shipment in the equipment, there are no worries about things like losing pieces or cross-contamination.

I only need to ship a couple of items how can I do that?

If your shipment is smaller than our minimum space requirements (five linear feet in a trailer or one ReloCube), ABF Freight® could be a good option. As the primary transportation provider for U-Pack, ABF is known for economical and reliable shipping, and can handle smaller shipments, such as a single piece of furniture.

Can U-Pack do military HHG shipping?

Yes! You can do a Personally Procured Move with U-Pack — whether you’re off- or on-base. The process works the same for military shipments as regular household goods moving, and we can provide empty and full weight tickets as long as they’re requested at reservation.

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If you have any questions about shipping household items, leave a comment below. We’re here to help!