Long Distance Moving Tips

“What tips would you give a friend moving long-distance?”

U-Pack moving consultants don’t just answer the phones — they’re experts with years of experience helping people move long distance. So when it came to getting the best advice for making the process easier, we knew they’d have it. We asked them “What tips would you give a friend moving long-distance?” And they delivered.

Family running into their new home carrying boxes after completing a long distance move.


Plan ahead

“Prep work is the most important aspect of making a move easier. Don’t wait until the equipment shows up to start getting prepared. Be proactive. You’ll be glad you did,” said Kent, ten years’ experience.

Long before moving day, go over the packing and loading tips, so you’re prepared.

Dedicate time to researching moving companies

“Learn everything you can about a company, so you know what to expect with their service. And, make sure when you compare that you’re looking at similar services. In some cases, one company’s price may be lower, but you also may be getting a lower level of service.” said Michael, five years’ experience.

If you’re in the research stage, check out how moving long distance with U-Pack works and compare to other moving companies.   

Consider how the style of your home may change

“Different areas of the country have different decorating styles. For example, you might not want your light and airy beach furniture once you move from Florida to Vermont. Don’t pay to ship it if you’re going to replace it,” said Meredith, 14.5 years’ experience.

Take photos as you pack

“Before you take anything apart, take a photo of it, so you can easily put it back together,” said Donna, seven years’ experience. “And if you’re trying to pare down, take photos of sentimental items. Days later, if the photo brings the same feeling as the item, you can keep the picture to reflect and find a new home for that sentimental stuff.”

Have lots of packing materials

“The importance of blankets and tie-downs should not be underestimated. Properly prepping items inside the trailer helps keeps everything safe and secure,” said Meredith. 

Use a variety of different-sized boxes

“Lots of different sized boxes will provide the opportunity to fill in space and maximize your capacity,” said Cecil, eight years’ experience. “It’s sort of like playing a live puzzle stacking game, where you want to make everything fit together well.”

Keep important stuff with you

“Don’t pack documents, medicines or specific clothes that you’ll need before your shipment arrives. Take them in a carry-on,” said Josh, 15 years’ experience. “If you need paperwork or uniforms to start work or school, make sure you don’t pack those into the moving truck, so they’re with you and available when you need them.”

Get a dolly

“Dollies are essential for moving big furniture and appliances. Make sure to purchase one or borrow it from a friend. You can always sell it after you unload,” said Kent.

Take your time

“Give yourself more time to load than you think you’ll need,” said Josh. “While it’s tempting to throw everything into the trailer or Cube, it pays to take time to stack items well and tie them down.”

Get personalized service from a U-Pack moving consultant

When you move with U-Pack, our consultants delight in helping you every step of the way. From choosing the right moving equipment to ordering moving supplies, their support and knowledge are unlike anything you’ll find from other moving services. Call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or get a quote online to get started planning your move. If you have any questions about these moving tips or anything related to long-distance moving, let us know in the comments below. We’re always here to help.

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