How Self-Moving Works

Why should I choose self-moving? 

Self-moving, or do-it-yourself moving, is when you rent moving equipment and then handle packing, loading and (sometimes) driving household goods. While self-moving is the most popular option for moving across town, it’s also great for long-distance since it is often quicker and can have significant savings when compared to full-service movers. 

The best part of self-moving is that you’re in control. You can keep your things private and choose when and how you pack and load.  

Self-moving options

Moving truck rental, portable storage companies or using personal vehicles may come to mind when you think of a self-move, but those aren’t the only options. Services like U-Pack® — where you pack and load the moving equipment and we deliver it door-to-door — also fall into the self-moving category.  

With U-Pack you can get your belongings quickly — typically in 2-5 business days — thanks to our extensive ABF Freight® network. 

Keep reading to learn how moving with U-Pack can be easier and just as affordable as other options. 

Couple packing moving boxes together doing a self-move.


What makes U-Pack the best self-moving company for long-distances?

Here are some ways U-Pack stands out:    


In most locations you can choose either a moving trailer or a ReloCube® container — depending on which best meets your needs. And then, you’re charged only for the space you use inside the trailer (down to a minimum of 5 linear feet) or the number of ReloCube containers you fill up. Unused Cubes are picked up at no cost! 

You can also add storage if you need it. 


While truck rental prices are based on mileage and the equipment you rent, U-Pack rates are based on where you’re moving to and from and the space you use. And because our rates include everything (equipment, transportation, liability coverage), the price can be comparable — and often cheaper — than truck rental. You’ll know all the costs upfront with no surprise fees later.  

Moving on a budget? Explore ways to save money with U-Pack


Your belongings are not moved to other equipment while in transit — everything stays exactly how you loaded it until you’re ready to unload. Plus, you don’t have to worry about securing a rental truck overnight in hotel parking. 

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Let U-Pack handle your self-move

Get a quick quote online or give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to see how much it costs to move long-distance with U-Pack. It’s often the most convenient and cost-effective way to move out of state when you want to do some of the work on your own!   

If you have questions about the best options for your self-move, leave a comment below. We're always happy to help!