How Self-Moving Works

Choose U-Pack for Self-Moving

Self-moving is exactly what it sounds like: moving your household goods yourself. But it doesn’t have to mean doing all of the work. U-Pack® offers self-moving options that make long-distance moves easy and affordable. Instead of driving a rental truck and paying separately for fuel, let U-Pack handle the transportation and give you a total cost upfront. And here’s the best part: when you're moving long distance, U-Pack prices often compare to truck rental.

Couple packing moving boxes together doing a self-move.


The Self-Move Process

U-Pack self-moving gives you the freedom to pack and load your belongings exactly how you want them, and save money while you’re at it.

Just select from our two equipment options: the moving trailer and ReloCube® moving container. We’ll deliver the equipment right to your door, and you start loading. Regardless of how much space you’re quoted, you only pay for the trailer space (down to a 5 ft. minimum) or number of Cubes you actually use.

Once the equipment is delivered, you can have up to three business days to load your belongings. When you're finished, just call for an appointment and we'll pick it up and deliver to your new location. With transit times that average just 2-5 business days, customers call U-Pack a convenient, flexible self-moving option.

What are the Benefits of Self-Moving?

There are many upsides to this type of service, but here are the top 5:

  1. Cost of service. With a DIY move, the price typically isn’t based on weight like it is with full-service moves. Instead, your rate is based on how much space your items take up inside the moving equipment, or the linear feet your items occupy. And taking on some of the work means saving on moving labor!
  2. Flexibility. While it’s recommended to plan moves in advance to ensure equipment availability, making a self-move means you’re able to pack and load on your own time schedule — not the schedule of a full-service crew. 
  3. Control of belongings. Do-it-yourself moving provides complete control of personal belongings since you handle the packing and loading. This means you’ll know exactly how items are wrapped, packed and secured, so you can be sure everything is handled with care. 
  4. Labor options. Not everyone wants to do the work completely solo. If you’re lucky enough to have friends and family who are willing to help, they’ll likely take you up on lunch or dinner as a thank you for their time (you might sweeten the deal with a promise to return the favor if they ever need it, too!). Another option would be to hire hourly labor at an affordable rate. We can refer experienced moving crews if you decide to go that route. 
  5. Organization. A benefit of DIY moving that shouldn’t be overlooked is the ability to organize belongings before they’re packed. Not only will unpacking be a simpler process (with everything put away correctly the first time), but it will also reduce costs since space in your moving trailer or container won’t be taken up with unnecessary items.

How Much Does a U-Pack Self-Move Cost?

Getting a free moving quote is simple! Just enter the basic information about your move, then click the  button. You’ll see your price instantly. If your quote doesn’t provide an option or price that meets your needs and/or budget, just give us a call at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss more options and ways to save.

U-Pack prices include all transportation costs, including fuel, the driver, and standard liability coverage.