Money Saving Moving Option

How to save money on your U-Pack move

As a “do-it-yourself” moving service, U-Pack is already one of the cheapest ways to move long distance. But there are ways to save even more! Some save you a few bucks, while others could reduce your rate by hundreds. Take a look at some of our top ways to reduce the cost of your U-Pack move.

money saving moving option

Money saving tips

Load and/or unload at a service center

Most U-Pack quotes include door-to-door delivery, but instead you can save by loading and/or unloading at a local service center.  While getting your belongings to and from a service center is a little more work, it can help lower the cost by up to $300! Take a look at all our delivery options to find the right solution for your move.  

Switch your move date

If possible, move during an off-peak time to get cheaper rates. The slowest times are usually October to April, and during the middle of the month and week. Since there’s normally not as much demand for equipment during these times, rates are often lower than average. 

Change equipment

We have two types of equipment — the moving trailer and moving container — and rates differ by type. If both options are available for your move, you can toggle between them on your quote to see which best meets your needs and budget.  

Use less space

Your price is determined by the amount of space used in the trailer or the number of ReloCube® containers you use. That means, when you move less, you pay less. Before you start packing, it’s a great idea to do a donate, throw away and sell pile, and prepare to part with the stuff you won’t need at your new home. It’s also smart to pack and load well to maximize space.   

Only hire help for the big stuff

If you need more than friends and family to help pack and load, instead of hiring a moving crew for the entire move, pay for only the help you need. We can refer you to a moving labor service that you can hire for as much or as little time as you want (note that they will have a minimum charge).  

Reserve online

Reserve your U-Pack move online, and get an automatic $25 discount! You’ll see the price reduction on the reservation summary when you confirm the details of your move. Learn about other discounts we offer

Ready to save?

If you haven’t gotten a moving quote from U-Pack yet, now’s a great time! Click or call to check the rates for the cities you’re moving from and to. If you’re not quite sure of the details, you can change options like equipment, space and move date to see how the price changes. 

Have questions? Call us or leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!