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Money Saving Moving Option

January 11th, 2008 - 8:28 AM

Want to save money on your move? Start Reading here!

If you are like me, you live paycheck to paycheck and want to save money any way you can. In my experience it usually involves a little "Sweat Equity" but I am always willing to put in a little hard work to save the moolah!  If you share my money-saving philosophy, there is a moving option that will be right up your alley.  A U-Pack Terminal to Terminal move! Terminal to Terminal moves offer you the best moving service for the lowest price.  You still get to load your things close to your home, and you don't have to worry about them until they reach the destination. 

Simply put, a Terminal to Terminal move is where you take your things to the closest ABF location to your home and then pick them up from the closest ABF location to your destination.  With nearly 300 terminal locations throughout the U.S., chances are that there is one near you.

Ok, so saving money sounds good, but getting your things to the ABF terminal sounds impossible.  It's really not!  Most of us have a friend or family member who we've helped move before. For as little cost as a pizza, friends are usually willing to help. (It is that kind of give and take contract that you agree to when you become friends.)  I can't tell you how many times my best friend has helped me move and I have definitely returned the favor on more than one occasion.

What do you do if your friends and family all drive cars?  The simple answer is – rent a truck. When you're just driving across town, a rental truck is a quick and fairly painless way to transport your items (it's a whole other story if you're talking about driving one across the country). Just remember to think about cost and size when you're picking one.

Cost Matters
In regards to moving cost, since you are not doing a one-way with the rental truck the cost drops significantly.  For a 10 ft rental truck, the price is usually around $19.99/day plus the cost of gas and mileage to and from the ABF terminal.  In most scenarios, the rental cost is usually around $50.00 for each end. 

Time is Money.
Would you prefer to make one trip or more?  Like I said before, I am always willing to put in some elbow grease. But let's be honest, I am a one trip and done kind of girl.  It doesn't really make sense to me to load and unload five times each day.  If you agree with this, check out our Rental truck space estimator to see what size of rental truck you will need.  

Still not sure if a Terminal to Terminal move is right for you, consider these other benefits.  You will never have to get parking permission from your apartment complex, condo association or HOA.  Also, there is no need to check with your city or police department to see if you need a parking permit. 

If either loading or unloading at the terminal sounds good but you don't want to do both, No Problem!  Terminal to Door or Door to Terminal moves can be accommodated at nearly all ABF terminals as well.