Money-Saving Moving Option

Is DIY moving the most cost-effective way to move?

If you’ve ever moved locally, you already know that a DIY move is a cheap option. But what about moving long distance? Is self-moving still the most affordable solution? 

Let’s explore how self-moving can help you save money and why it’s the cheapest option for your out-of-state move

money saving moving option


How self-moving saves money

Moving rates are typically based on equipment usage, labor, supplies and transportation (fuel) costs. With self-moving, it’s possible to save money on all parts of the process, especially with a DIY solution like U-Pack®.


While you always have to pay for equipment in some way, DIY options are much cheaper than full-service companies. That’s because they typically charge based on the weight of your shipment, which means the price of moving heavy furniture adds up fast. Plus, you could end up with a shocking extra fee if your belongings weigh more than the estimate.  

Rental truck prices might seem reasonable, but remember that the rates don’t include extras like roadside assistance and fuel. Also, the trucks come in limited sizes, so you might pay for more space than needed or select a truck that’s too small to hold all your stuff.  

U-Pack combines value with convenience. Our solutions are flexible and not based on weight, so you can save money by paying only for the space you need. You’re only charged for the number of ReloCube® moving containers you use or the space you fill in a 28’ moving trailer. If you reserve more Cubes than you need, we’ll pick up the empty ones for free. And if you use more or less space in a moving trailer (down to a minimum of 5 linear feet), we’ll adjust your price accordingly. 

Moving labor

Moving labor can significantly increase the price of a move. Instead of paying for packing, loading and unloading services with a full-service company, you save hundreds of dollars by handling the labor yourself or asking family and friends for help.  

You could also save money by hiring labor only for certain parts of the process, like loading large furniture. See how adding labor works with U-Pack


Full-service movers often charge more than retail stores for moving boxes and packing paper. With a DIY move, you can spend less by looking for cheaper moving supplies. Many retailers also offer coupons, free shipping or in-store pickup to save even more.

Transportation (fuel)

Transportation fees are among the most expensive parts of long-distance moving, and reducing these expenses is essential when seeking the cheapest way to move cross country.  

In addition to transportation fees, many full-service companies add a fuel surcharge based on the mileage.  

Renting a truck means more out-of-pocket fuel costs since large moving trucks are less fuel efficient than personal vehicles.  

U-Pack doesn’t charge extra for fuel. We keep transportation rates affordable by utilizing an efficient freight network and shipping commercial freight in the extra space in the moving trailers to keep costs low. 

Choose U-Pack to save money

U-Pack’s DIY moving solutions are often the cheapest way to move long distance. When you’re ready to save, request a free quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant.  

If you have questions about how U-Pack works or how self-moving can save you money, let us know in the comments. We’re available to help!