Cheapest way to move cross country

How to ship stuff across the country cheap

When it comes to cross country moving, cheap initial rates don’t always mean affordable final prices. For example, with truck rental, the base rate may be cheap, but you’ll wind up paying a lot in fuel since rental trucks get very few miles per gallon.  But U-Pack® is different. It’s still DIY, like a rental truck, but we do all the driving. Our efficient transportation network passes savings along to you, so you get affordable rates even for moves going far away. If you want to cheaply move across country, U-Pack might be your best choice.

Looking to save money on your move across the country? Find out how U-Pack makes cross country moving cheap with affordable transportation and money-saving options.


What makes U-Pack cheaper than other cross-country movers?

ABF Freight®, our primary transportation provider, is one of the main reasons we’re able to offer cheap cross-country moving services. To keep costs low, you load your belongings first and put up a secure divider wall. We load commercial freight that’s moving in the same direction into the remaining space. As the shipment travels across the country, professional drivers load and unload the commercial freight at our service centers, but your belongings stay where you load them. This helps split the overall transportation costs between several shipments, so you don’t pay for the entire trailer, if you don’t use it all. Once the equipment arrives at your destination service center, a city driver delivers your belongings to your door.

The second way U-Pack keeps costs low is by handling the just the transportation and not the labor. Since you pack and load, you save on labor costs. If you need help, we can refer you to movers who can assist with loading or unloading for as much time as you need (there is a minimum charge) — it’s usually much cheaper than a full-service move.

Learn more about how cross-country moving works with U-Pack.

See how cheap your cross-country move with U-Pack could be

Start with a quote

Get an online quote or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077. With U-Pack, your quote includes the equipment, fuel, transportation and liability coverage. You’ll know up front what to expect to pay. The only reasons the price might change is if you add extra services like storage, loading help or guaranteed transit, or if you use more or less space than you were originally quoted.

Determine the space you need

With other options, you either pay for the entire rental truck or you pay based on the size and weight of your items. U-Pack makes it easier. You pay only for the space your household goods take up in a moving trailer (or the number of ReloCube containers you use). That means you’re in control of how much you pay — and getting rid of things you no longer need can make a difference. U-Pack quotes include the estimated space needed for your size home, and on moving day, if you use less space, your price goes down. And if you need more space than you thought, it’s always available, for an additional charge.

Only moving a little bit? U-Pack is still a cheap option! While our minimum space requirement is either one container or 5 linear feet in the trailer, if you’re moving from a small home or apartment, you can still see significant cost savings when compared to other cross-country movers.

Choose from money-saving options

There are lots of ways to save money with U-Pack. From picking the most affordable move date to loading at a service center, you can customize your move to fit your budget.


If you have any questions about saving money on cross-country shipping, comment below. We’re here to help!