How Much Does It Cost To Move Across Country?

What to expect: the average cost of moving across the country

While moving across the country is the start of a great adventure, relocating 2,500 miles or farther can come at a hefty price. But just how much should you expect to spend? With several moving options to choose from, you’ll see average prices of $5,000 to $15,000 or more, and that’s not including personal travel.  

If you’re looking for the best value to move cross country, a DIY service like U-Pack® is the way to go. Let’s see how U-Pack prices compare to other options. 


Man looking at paperwork from moving crew to determine the cross country moving costs.


Cost examples for cross-country movers

We looked at prices for a cross-country move from Seattle, WA, to Charlotte, NC, in December 2023, using each company’s recommended equipment for a 3-bedroom home. These quotes were accurate at the time of posting, but actual moving costs will vary based on the timing and details. Our examples are for DIY options, and you can expect full-service moving rates to be 2-3 times higher.


26-ft moving truck (9 days, 3,323 miles)  $6,265 
Environmental fee  $5
Safemove® damage coverage/SafeTrip® $172
Taxes $661.50 
Estimated Fuel  $1,206.25* 
Total $8,309.75 

*Based on AAA’s average gas price of $3.63 at the time of posting for the 26-ft truck’s estimated 10 MPG, according to U-Haul’s website. 



26-ft moving truck (10 days, unlimited miles)  $5,639 
Environmental fee  $15 
Value damage coverage  $869.55 
Taxes $596.52 
Estimated Fuel $1,145.16* 
Total $8,265.23 

*Based on AAA’s average diesel price of $4.48 at the time of posting for the 26-ft truck’s estimated 13 MPG, according to Penske’s website. 


26-ft moving truck (9 days, unlimited miles)  $7,832 
Protection coverage  $649.90 
Taxes and fees  $946.04  
Estimated Fuel $1,860.88* 
Total $11,288.22

*Based on AAA’s average diesel price of $4.48 at the time of posting for the 26-ft truck’s estimated 8 MPG according to Budget’s website. 


17 linear feet of space in the moving trailer*  $4,669 
Delivery and transportation  included
Taxes and fees  included
Fuel  included
Total $4,669 

*If you needed more space in the trailer, each additional linear foot was only $158.  

U-Pack’s rates were significantly cheaper for the example move from the west coast to the east. Moving in the other direction? Learn more about costs for moves from the east to the west coast

How much money do need for other across-country moving expenses?

The mover’s rate is only part of figuring out what your moving price will be. You’ll also want to consider personal travel expenses like airfare, hotel stays, meals and fuel for personal vehicles since these costs will add to your overall out-of-state moving budget

Get your price for a cross-country move

U-Pack offers competitive rates for large and small moves across the country. Get your free, no-obligation quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant. 

If you have questions about moving cross country or U-Pack prices, please let us know in the comments. We’re happy to help! 

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