What is the cheapest way to move a one-bedroom apartment cross-country?

Finding the most affordable way to move your apartment

While moving a small apartment across town can easily be done in a few trips in a personal vehicle, moving one cross country means you’ll need to hire a moving company. There are several cross-country movers to choose from, but with a move of this size, it’s incredibly important to find an affordable option. This way you don’t spend more to move your belongings than they’re worth.

While truck rental may seem like the cheapest solution, the base price doesn’t include fuel, liability coverage, tolls or taxes. Instead, an option like U-Pack® may be cheaper. We’re a self-moving service with affordable rates and convenient service.

Couple smiling with moving boxes after moving into a one-bedroom apartment.


Compare the cost to move a one-bedroom apartment cross country

Check out the prices U-Pack, U-Haul® and Budget® quoted for a move from Tucson, AZ to Dayton, OH (equipment options are based on each company’s recommendation for a one-bedroom apartment) to see how the rates compare:

  • A U-Pack ReloCube was quoted at $1,320
  • A 12-foot truck from Budget was quoted at $1,526.76 (878.76 for the truck and $648 for fuel)
  • A 10-foot truck from U-Haul was quoted at $1,650.00 ($997 for the truck, a required $5 environmental fee, and $648 for fuel).

As you can see, U-Pack offers the cheapest rate for moving a one-bedroom apartment for this move. And when you add in the convenience of not having to drive a truck, it becomes the best overall choice! Learn how U-Pack works here.

The cheapest way to move a small apartment? U-Pack!

While U-Pack door-to-door prices are comparable to truck rental (especially after adding in fuel and other costs), we also offer a way to get an even cheaper move. We call it a service center-to-service center move, and it means you load and unload at a local service center. This option requires a little bit of extra work but can help you save up to $300 since there are no delivery or pick-up costs.

A U-Pack consultant can help review your options and find the one that fits your needs and budget — just call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 or get a free quote online. 

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