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Ultimate Guide to Apartment Moving

June 8th, 2018 - 8:47 AM

How to move apartments

So many exciting things come with a new apartment: a new city or area to explore, new neighbors to get to know and new a place to decorate. But before you can start on that exciting adventure, there are several things to coordinate. From going over your lease to securing parking, these steps are important for a successful move. Check out these tips for managing the details of apartment moving, and then take a look at how to pack up an apartment from start to finish.

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Apartment moving tips

Because apartment moves mean dealing with conditions like shared parking areas, landlords and leases, there are important tips to keep in mind.

Go over the lease and talk with your landlord

Before moving, go over the terms of the rental agreement. Many moving-related questions may be clearly answered there, including when to notify the landlord of the move. Make sure to follow the guidelines in the lease so you don’t run into problems. If there are questions not answered in the lease, meet with the landlord to talk about them. Ask about guidelines regarding your move or moving equipment and leave an open line of communication in case of any issues or questions.

Secure parking

For both moves in and out of apartments, parking is important. Extra parking can be hard to find at a busy apartment complex, so it’s important to arrange for it in advance. In some cases, landlords may have no problem with parking the moving trailer wherever you want and leaving it for several days. Others may have specific times they allow equipment to be dropped off or picked up, and they may have a particular area to park the equipment. To avoid issues, get permission before parking trailers, trucks or containers, and reserve the spots if possible.

If you can’t park at your apartment complex, U-Pack® may still be able to help. We have solutions for situations where parking is an issue.

Make a plan for the elevator

If you plan on using the elevator to move, make sure you aren’t disrupting the entire building. Check if there’s a freight elevator you can use or if you can reserve one of the main ones for a period of time. If there’s no way to reserve the elevator, try to use it when there aren’t a ton of neighbors coming and going, and use the stairs for lighter items.

Record any damage

For both move-ins and move-outs, thoroughly inspect the apartment for damage. Check the walls, floors, doors, windows and appliances, and write any damages on the rental agreement. Be as specific as possible and consider taking pictures so there’s proof if conflicts arise.

If possible, have your landlord or manager walk through each room with you when the apartment is empty — either after you’ve moved out or before moving in. If there are issues, handle them together. This also ensures everything is recorded on the inspection accurately.   

Clean everything

If you’re moving in, it’s a good idea to start with a clean slate. And if moving out, leaving behind a pristine apartment greatly increases your chances of getting deposits back. Go over our apartment cleaning checklist for tips and instructions.

How to pack up an apartment

Packing an apartment isn’t much different from packing a home. You want to make sure all the furniture is protected and that all of your belongings are safe and secure in boxes. The challenging part is finding the best way to do that in a compact apartment.

The packing process is threefold: gathering packing supplies, figuring out how much time you need, and actually packing.

Apartment packing supplies

Professional moving supplies are one of the best ways to protect items. You’ll want an assortment of boxes and supplies on hand to fit different items, but don’t get too many since there isn’t a ton of extra room (and you don’t want to spend more than necessary).

A U-Pack moving kit is the perfect solution. Each one has a mix of boxes and supplies based on home size. You can then add specialty boxes to the order for items like dishes, lamps and TVs.   

Time to pack an apartment

The amount of time you’ll need depends on the apartment size. If you can devote entire days to packing, here’s what to expect:

  • A typical studio to one-bedroom apartment: 1-2 days
  • A typical two-bedroom apartment: 2-3 days
  • A typical three-bedroom apartment: 3-5 days

If you’re trying to move an apartment quickly, it’s possible to expedite that process by having friends pitch in on the packing process or by hiring help. Learn more about how long it takes to pack.

The best way to pack everything when moving apartments

Start by reading our packing tips. They give a great overview of best practices for everything from furniture to knickknacks.

Then watch our packing how-to videos to learn how to pack specific items from linens and DVDs to dishes.

And finally, read up on utilizing the specific packing materials:

Then you’re ready to start the packing process! If possible, create a packing area to help control mess and keep items separated. You can pack up a spare bedroom first or clear out extra space in the living room to stack boxes and keep your supplies handy.

Finding a flexible apartment moving service

Perhaps the biggest challenge of apartment moving is finding a service that fits the bill. Finding a moving company that can work with the restrictions of your complex is important.

If your new apartment is located within the current town or state you live, it may be easier and cheaper to load up your car and transfer things over slowly. For state-to-state moves, a little extra work is required. But, using a long distance moving company like U-Pack makes it easier!

As a "you pack, we drive" service, U-Pack was designed with small moves in mind. And our prices are comparable to truck rental. Here’s how it works:

  • We deliver moving equipment to your location
  • You pack and load everything
  • We pick it up and deliver it to the new place (estimated transit time of 2-5 business days)
  • You unload everything
  • We pick up the empty equipment

It’s easy, convenient and you only pay for the space you use. And if you have a unique parking situation, we can work around it. Get a free online quote or call a U-Pack consultant at 800-413-4799 to see how much your move will cost.

Do you have questions about apartment moving? Leave us a comment below, we’re happy to help!

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