Should I Tip Movers?

To tip or not to tip movers: that is the question

If you’re moving long distance and need help loading and unloading, the crew members are valuable players in getting your things to the new home safely. When you want to express gratitude for a job well done, should it be in the form of a tip?  

Let’s explore what’s customary for tipping the workers so you’ll be all set when the crew arrives on moving day. 

Should you tip? 

Tipping is optional, but showing appreciation for good service is a common practice. It's a nice gesture to thank the crew for safely navigating tricky stairs, carefully handling fragile items and working quickly. 

Woman counting money to pay movers, determining their tip.


Is it okay to not tip? 

Tipping is never expected, and you don’t have to tip for poor service. Talk to management about any problems to find the best resolution. 

Some movers might have policies against tipping. Review your labor contract or ask the company if you're unsure.  

What's the tipping etiquette for small businesses? 

If you're working with a small company or a "Mom and Pop" operation, you can ask the owners their preference for tips. Most people add 20 percent to the total cost for good service. 

How much to tip movers 

Deciding how much to tip is always up to you, based on the level of service received. We recommend tipping $20 to $50 per crew member for large moves. The amount can vary depending on the difficulty and duration of the job.  

Smaller moves that don’t take as much time may only need $10 to $20 cash for each worker. 

When and how should you give tips? 

It's best to give cash tips directly to each crew member at the end of the job. You can put money in sealed envelopes to hand to each person individually.  

Keep in mind that you'll likely have different people helping with loading and unloading, so each crew will need separate tips. 

How else to say thanks to moving crews 

While cash tips are standard, there are other ways to express gratitude. Workers always appreciate having bottled water, sports drinks, bananas, pretzels and protein bars available. 

If your move is taking place during mealtime, consider providing lunch or dinner. Pizza, sandwich trays or boxes of tacos are typically crowd-pleasers. 

And when the service is over, don’t forget to leave a review for the quality of service received. Positive feedback truly makes a difference to businesses, especially small ones.  

Questions about hiring or tipping movers? 

U-Pack® is a DIY moving service where our customers handle the packing, loading and unloading. When customers need help, we recommend local crews for the job. 

If you have questions about hiring moving labor or how much to tip, let us know in the comments. We’re happy to help.