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How to Let People Know You're Moving

May 14th, 2018 - 10:48 AM

Telling friends, family and coworkers about an upcoming move

You’ve accepted a new job, found a better school district or a nicer home, or decided to start a new adventure in another city. Now it’s time to share the news! There are a few different ways let people know you’re moving, but one of the easiest ways is to send out an official announcement. This way you don’t have to worry about telling everyone personally, but they all still get your new address. We’ve made it easy to create a custom card! Just follow the steps below.

online moving announcement

How to create a custom move announcement

Step 1: Download a free image

Choose a moving announcement from our list of templates. Download your favorite image to a computer or phone.

Step 2: Customize

Add custom text (like your new address or a message) to the image using a photo editing app or software. Some of our favorites are free (unless you pay for upgrades): Phonto (for both Apple and Google Play), Over (Apple), InstaQuote (Apple and Google Play) and PicMonkey online.

Upload the photo to the editing software and then add text. In our example (using Phonto), we’ve added “We’re Moving!” and a new address.

Make sure to save the edited version so you can share it.

Step 3: Share or Print

Sharing the announcement online is simple — just upload the file to social media sites or email it to your contacts.

If you prefer to print and mail it, either upload the image to a photo printing site or send it to an office supply store. The photo printing service will produce a glossy image, while the office supply store can make it matte on paper or cardstock. Then, place the prints in envelopes, and mail them to family and friends!

Other ways to tell people about a move

Looking for ideas other than a “we’re moving” card? These other options can be done before or after the move to make sure everyone gets the big news.

Announce it on Facebook

Facebook treats moving as a life event, so it will share the details in a special update. To set this up, go to your profile. Click into the “About” section, and then select “Places You’ve Lived.” Click “Add a Place” and update it with as much information as you want to share. Make sure the settings are either “Friends” or “Public” so it appears on your timeline.

When you share this update, friends will see a big box with a house saying you’ve “Moved to ___” and the details you’ve shared.

Send personal letters

Want to send a heartfelt message to the people you’re leaving behind? Tell them about the move in a handwritten letter, and share thoughts and memories they’ll be able to read when they’re missing you!

Share your ideas with us

We’d love to hear the creative ways you’re using these images and ideas. Share your designs or thoughts with us in the comments below.

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