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How to Let People Know You're Moving

May 14th, 2018 - 10:48 AM

Telling friends and family about a move

Excited about an upcoming move, but not sure how to make the announcement to friends and family? You can share the news online, in person, in the mail or in other interesting ways. Here are our best tips for letting people know you’re moving. 

online moving announcement

Making an online moving announcement

Whether you’re looking to announce an upcoming move or let people know you’ve already moved, social networking sites are great places to post. In just a few clicks, you can let everyone know! There are two main ways to go about it — unique shareable images or a special Facebook status update.

How to use shareable images

Download and customize these moving announcements, and then share them on your favorite platform. There are ready-to-share images or some you can customize with pictures and text. 

How to announce you’re moving on Facebook 

Many of your friends and family members probably log in to Facebook regularly to see what’s going on in their friends’ lives. So why not announce a move there?

Facebook treats moving as a life event, meaning they do special updates for sharing the details. To set this up, go to your profile. Click into the “About” section, and then “Places You’ve Lived.”  Click to “Add a Place” and update it with as much information as you want to share. Make sure the settings are either “Friends” or “Public,” so it appears on your timeline.

When you share this update, friends will see a big box with a house saying you’ve “Moved to ___” and the details you’ve shared. 

Other ways to make a clever moving announcement

If you prefer to share the news offline, there are several ways to let friends and family know about the upcoming change of address:

Throw yourself a going away party

If possible, invite everyone over for dinner or a gathering at a restaurant to tell the whole group at once. This works especially well if the move is cause for celebration, like a job promotion or engagement. Check out these ideas for a fun farewell party

Share one-on-one

If you can’t get friends and family all together at once, tell them individually. Maybe invite them for coffee or lunch, or go somewhere local you both enjoy. For those who don’t live nearby, a call or FaceTime will let you share the news one-on-one. It might be wise to tell the important people (like close friends and immediate family) personally before making an online announcement.

Mail a moving announcement 

Brighten the mailbox of your friends and family by sending a moving card. You can take the shareable images above and follow these directions to customize, print and send them. Printed announcements can be helpful to send after the fact, so you can update everyone on your new address.

How to tell your employer you’re moving 

One important person to tell about the move is your employer. You may even want to start with them, so they don’t hear the news from anyone else. As far as timing goes, at least two weeks’ notice is customary, but in some instances, more notice may be helpful if you will need to train a replacement. Once you tell your boss, let your coworkers know (a group email is a simple way to tell everyone at the same time). 

Keep these tips in mind:
•    Tell them in-person, but follow up with an official letter of resignation
•    Be honest about your timeline so they know what to expect
•    Ask for a letter of recommendation if you’ll be applying for jobs in the new city 

Share your ways for announcing a move online

We would love to hear your creative ideas! Share your designs or thoughts with us in the comments below. 

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