How to Let People Know You're Moving

Telling friends and family that you’re moving

It’s time to share the news — you’re moving! But what’s the best way to let everyone know? Depending on the situation, you may want to share it with the world right away or you might want to let people in on the announcement slowly. Whether you’re telling just a few people or everyone you know, here are some ideas on when and how to let people know about the upcoming relocation.

Couple taking a selfie among their moving boxes to let people know they're moving.


Who to tell and when

Here are some guidelines for letting everyone know at the best time:

Close friends and family: as soon as possible

Telling those close to you will give you an outlet to discuss plans and emotions, which is why it’s a great idea to communicate with them as soon as you’ve made the decision. It can be tough to say goodbye to friends and family, but the sooner you do, the easier it will be.

Work: 2-4 weeks before the move date

When you know your firm end date, talk with your boss to make sure they have enough time to plan for continuing work without you. It’s best to speak with them and then give them a letter of resignation —even if your company is casual, they may need a written notice for records. Once your supervisor is aware, you can tell coworkers. Talk with your boss about the best way to do that, as they may want to share the news once they have a plan for your position.

Neighbors: at least 2 weeks

Notify neighbors about the move a few weeks before the move date since they may notice more activity around your home. Catch them while checking the mail or post about it in a neighborhood group online. Consider leaving your future address with a neighbor so they can pass it along for people looking for you after the move.  

Subscriptions, services and memberships: before the move

One important step on our moving checklist is to alert monthly memberships or subscriptions about the move — either to cancel them to update your address. Don’t forget to speak with different services, like utilities or lawn care as well. The timing depends on when you want to stop the membership or service, but be sure to read your membership agreements to see if there are any rules about when you need to give notice.

Agencies and offices: up to a month after moving

While anyone who sends you mail can still get in touch (as long as you submit an address change with the Post Office®), that’s only good for a year. So, you’ll want to give doctors’ offices, agencies like the DMV and IRS, and any other organizations the new address. This can usually wait until after the move since your USPS mail forwarding will work in the meantime.

Ways to let people know

Need ideas for the best method to share the news? Here are some to consider:

Tell them one-on-one

A private conversation is usually the best way to break the news to the people you have the closest relationship with. If you can’t meet over dinner or visit at a coffee shop, do a video call on Zoom, FaceTime or another platform. Hearing about the move directly from you allows them to share in your excitement and ask questions. 

Announce the move on Facebook

Facebook treats moving as a life event, so it will share the details in a special update. To set this up, go to your profile. Click into the “About” section, and then select “Places You’ve Lived.” Click “Add a Place” and update it with as much information as you want to share (be careful not to give out your new address on social media). Make sure the settings are either “Friends” or “Public,” so it appears on your timeline.

When you share this update, friends will see a big box with a house saying you’ve “Moved to ___” and the details you’ve shared.

Don’t forget about updating work contacts through LinkedIn or other networking sites! 

Send a card

Send a “We’ve moved!” or “We’re Moving!” card or e-card to your personal contacts to let them know your new address. Use these goodbye quotes for inspiration on the announcement. 

Share your ideas with us

We’d love to hear the creative ways you’re announcing (or have announced) a move to family and friends. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.