Parking at an Apartment Complex or Storage Facility

Using moving equipment at an apartment or storage facility  

Apartment complexes and storage facilities don’t always have abundant parking, so what do you do when you need to move your stuff to or from one of those locations? It can be difficult to drive a rental truck or maneuver a trailer in tight spaces, but U-Pack® has solutions for parking moving equipment and alternatives if there’s no room. 

Storage facility where you could park a moving truck.


Apartment parking

Depending on the building, there might be an assigned lot or street-only parking. Talk to the building manager about what type of moving equipment is allowed and if you’ll need permits to keep it overnight. 

U-Pack’s most popular solution for small moves is our ReloCube moving container. Cubes are perfect for apartment moves since they’re made to fit in a single parking space or can also be placed on the street (with proper approval). If the complex has a large lot with extra room (at least 40’ L x 10’ W x 14’ H), space in a U-Pack moving trailer might be an option for your move.  

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Storage facility solutions

When you’re moving into or out of a storage unit, you’ll want to consider moving equipment based on access to the unit and any rules or regulations of the facility (just check with the manager). These businesses don’t typically have a lot of space, so parking can be tricky.  

Find out if a ReloCube can be delivered next to the storage unit. If you can’t leave equipment right beside the unit, check to see if there is another spot for it. Some facilities might have a designated lot or allow street parking for a moving trailer or Cube. Don’t forget to ask about leaving it overnight! 

What if there’s no room for moving equipment or if my apartment or storage facility won’t allow overnight parking?

Call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss your options with a moving consultant.  Depending on your location, you could arrange to load and unload at a U-Pack service center and also save money on your move.

What if there’s no room for moving equipment? 

Depending on your location, you could arrange to load and unload at a U-Pack service center. Just give us a call to discuss options. 

U-Pack is a great fit for apartment or storage unit moves

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