What You Need to Know About Parking Moving Equipment

Avoiding parking problems on moving day 

It’s important to arrange for legal parking on both ends of your move to avoid unpleasant surprises like fines or tickets. No matter what type of equipment you’re using — like a U-Pack® moving trailer or ReloCube® containers — be sure to plan ahead. 

U-Pack ReloCubes in driveway


Find parking space 

When you’re looking for the best place to park, consider the size of your moving equipment and how much space is needed to open the doors and use the loading ramp. Choose a space with a solid surface that has enough ground clearance and don’t forget to make sure there are no tree limbs, power lines or other items that might create an obstacle overhead.  

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Get permission to park 

Once you’ve found the perfect parking area, the next step is to find out if you need a parking permit. Here are good places to start: 

  • the city (city hall, the local police department or street department) 
  • the HOA 
  • the landlord or property owner 

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With U-Pack, you get use of the equipment for three business days, so make sure to check about overnight parking while you’re at it.  

Plan for equipment delivery 

Once you know where you’ll park the equipment, it’s important to make sure the parking space is available when the equipment is delivered and that someone is there to instruct the driver where to drop it when they arrive. Also be sure the space is clear of any vehicles, toys or debris.  

Note: When U-Pack equipment is dropped off, both at origin and destination, someone 18 or older must be present to sign for the delivery and instruct the driver on placement. If you need to have a friend or family member handle this, it’s not a problem! Just let us know who will be signing for you. 

Frequently asked parking questions 

What if I can’t park overnight? 

In some cases, moving companies can pick up the equipment the same day or arrange for the driver to stay while you load.  

If you’re booked with U-Pack and are unable to leave the ReloCubes or trailer parked overnight, let us know! We have options for loading and unloading at a local service center that can also save money on your move.

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What if I don’t have enough space for delivery? 

If there’s not enough space to deliver the equipment, you may need to consider other options, like parking the equipment in an alternative location and shuttling your belongings.  

U-Pack has some additional options:   

If you don’t have adequate driveway or parking lot parking, moving trailers and ReloCubes can be parked on the street with proper permits. For ReloCubes, we can often park the delivery equipment on a nearby side street and bring the Cubes to your driveway or parking area with a forklift. You’ll still need 14 feet of overhead clearance for the forklift and a level area to place the Cubes. You can also load or unload at a local service center, which will save money on your move. 

What if I don’t have a solid surface for parking? 

While concrete or asphalt are ideal surfaces, hard-packed gravel can work in some cases. For a U-Pack move, a moving consultant can go over your options!  

Have other questions?

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