How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Moving Truck One Way?

Removing the mystery from rental truck pricing

If you need to move on a budget, the first thing that might come to mind is renting a moving truck. These companies often offer budget-friendly deals for local moves, but what are the prices like for one-way truck rentals? Can you still get a good rate if you need to move out of state? And how do those costs compare to other long-distance moving options like U-Pack®? 

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What are the rates for renting a moving truck?

Because each truck company has multiple options for rental and liability coverage as well as different fuel efficiency, figuring out how much one-way truck rental actually costs can be difficult. To help make it easier, let’s explore the pricing for a sample move with three popular rental truck companies. 

For this example, we’re moving a three-bedroom home from Springfield, MO, to Charlotte, NC.  

Each quote included the following: 

  • Rental price and taxes for the company’s recommended equipment for a three-bedroom home 
  • fuel (based on average gas and diesel prices for April 2022) 
  • most popular liability coverage offered by each company  
  • any additional fees  

U-Haul®, Budget® and Penske® quoted a range from $2,690 to $3,228 for the move. Check out the breakdown for each quote below to see how those factors played into those sample costs. 


26’ truck (5 days, up to 1,070 miles):  $2,717 
Environmental fee:   $5 
Safemove® damage protection:  $132  
Fuel (unleaded gasoline, 10 mpg for approx. 841 miles):  $352 
Total:  $3,206 

Get more info about U-Haul rental costs.   


26’ truck (5 days, unlimited miles):  $1,890.20 
Complete protection package:   $366.60 
Fuel (diesel, 10 mpg for approx. 841 miles):  $433 
Total:  $2,689.80 



26’ truck (6 days, unlimited miles):  $2,445 
Environmental fee:  $12 
Value damage coverage:  $438.03 
Fuel (diesel, 13 mpg for approx. 841 miles):  $333 
Total:  $3,228.03 

Are these prices more than you expected? Check out our guide for getting the best truck rental rates. And keep reading to see how much U-Pack would have cost for the example move.


What else could make the price increase when renting a moving truck one way?

When renting a truck for a long-distance move, there are some additional things to think about while budgeting for the price: extra mileage and towing a vehicle.

Extra mileage

Some rental companies charge extra if you go over your allowed mileage for the trip. If you need to take a detour along the way, those extra miles can be costly — plus you’ll have to pay for any extra fuel. Check the rental agreement for the cost of each additional mile so you know what to expect. 

Towing a personal car

When driving a moving truck, you’ll have to figure out how to get personal cars to your new home. Depending on the number of vehicles your family owns, you might need to haul a car behind the moving truck. This extra service can add several hundred dollars to a move for the equipment and additional liability coverage. 

Want a better option for your move? Consider U-Pack

U-Pack is often a better option than one-way truck rental for long-distance moves.  

For the same move from Springfield to Charlotte, U-Pack quoted $2,632, which included:

  • 17 linear feet in a moving trailer (recommended for a three-bedroom home) 
  • Liability coverage 
  • Fuel 

For less money, you could get a comparable amount of space and not have to drive a big truck! When considering truck rental costs, saving money and having less hassle is a huge win.  

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