How much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way?

How much does a moving truck cost?

Rental truck costs are based on factors like origin and destination, move date and equipment size. And because every move is different, the only way to know exactly how much it will cost you to rent a truck is to get quotes from multiple companies and compare the rates. 

But if you’re not quite ready to get a quote, or you don’t know which companies to consider, you can use the examples below to help steer you in the right direction.

Calculator, pen and paper to calculate the cost to rent a moving truck.


One-way truck rental price comparison

To get an idea of how much a rental truck costs, compare the rates three truck rental companies — U-Haul®, Penske® and Budget® — gave for moving a two-bedroom home from San Diego, California, to Atlanta, Georgia. The prices below are for the equipment size each company recommended for this move, and taxes are based on the local San Diego tax rate of 7.75%. Fuel costs were determined with a rental truck fuel calculator.


For this scenario, U-Haul estimates a one-way move in a 20-foot truck at $3,668

Adding $860 for fueling, $484.27 for taxes, $5 for the environmental fee and $135 for Safemove® coverage gives a total moving truck cost of $5,152.27.


A 22-foot truck from Penske for this example would cost $5,135.

Once you include $860 for fuel, $397.96 for taxes, a $9 environmental fee and the $208 Limited Damage Waiver, the expenses come in at $6,609.06


For this move, Budget recommends a 26-foot truck for $5,400.

$860 for fuel, $471.52 for the Complete Protection Package and $418.50 for taxes means a total of $7,150.02.  

For a one-way move, truck rental may not be the best option. Not only do you have to do all the work (picking up the equipment, loading, driving, unloading and returning it), it can also be costly because of the higher rental truck rates. But there’s an alternative! For long-distance moves, U-Pack is often a cheaper, easier choice. 

How U-Pack rates compare to moving truck costs

U-Pack is very different from truck rental. It’s a “you pack, we drive” service, so you do the packing and loading, and U-Pack handles the transportation door to door. Prices include the moving equipment, transportation, fuel, liability coverage and taxes — removing those “extra” fees.

U-Pack charges by space, either the number of moving containers used or space occupied in a moving trailer. For the same move as above, U-Pack estimates 15 linear feet in a moving trailer (similar in loading capacity to a 22-foot truck). The cost would be $3,306.

That’s cheaper than the U-Haul rental base price (without taking any of the extras into account) and more than $1,000 cheaper than the other options. U-Pack keeps rates low by using freight equipment to move your belongings through an efficient transportation network. And since we take care of the driving, it’s easier than using a rental truck. No spending hours or days behind the wheel of a bulky, unfamiliar vehicle as you drive across the country.

Compare rates for your move by getting a U-Pack quote online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077.  Continue exploring truck rental options in this helpful guide to moving trucks.

Have questions about moving truck costs or the rate comparison?

We’re here to help! Give us a call or leave a comment below. We can help you find the best moving option for your one-way move. 

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