How much does it cost to rent a moving truck one way?

Understanding moving truck rental prices 

Because no two moves are exactly the same, there isn’t an easy answer to how much truck rental costs. This is especially true for a long-distance/one-way move where rates can vary thousands of dollars between companies. But if you’re just getting started on your moving budget, it can be helpful to look at examples to see how all the different fees add up to your final cost.  

Keep reading to see how much different rental truck companies charge for a sample move (and then see how another option may be a better fit). 

Calculator, pen and paper to calculate the cost to rent a moving truck.


How much do moving trucks cost? A real-life example 

To help you get a look at what truck rental costs could be, we got quotes from three of the most popular truck rental companies — U-Haul®, Budget® and Penske® — to see how much it would cost to move a two-bedroom home  from Salt Lake City, UT, to Birmingham, AL.  We factored in: 

  • the truck rental rate (with the equipment each company recommended for a two-bedroom home) 
  • fuel (based on 10 MPG at current fuel costs in January 2021. This totaled $420 for this 1,766-mile trip) 
  • the basic liability coverage offered by each company 
  • any additional fees 
  • taxes (based on the Salt Lake City tax rate of 7.75%) 


The U-Haul quote was: 

  • 20’ truck (7 days, 2,154 miles): $2,381 
  • Environmental fee: $5 
  • Safemove® damage protection: $112 
  • Fuel: $420 
  • Taxes: 193.59 

Total: $3,111.59 

Get more info on U-Haul rental costs.  


The Budget quote was: 

  • 26’ truck (7 days, unlimited miles): $3,429.90 
  • Complete protection package: $442.26 
  • Fuel: $420 
  • Taxes: $300.09 

Total: $4,608.09 

Note: The Budget quote included a bigger truck since they offer fewer equipment sizes. 


The Penske quote was: 

  • 22’ truck (7 days, unlimited miles): $3,150 
  • Environmental fee: $9 
  • Limited damage waiver: $248 
  • Fuel: $420 
  • Taxes: $264.04 

Total: $4,091.05 

Find the best rates for your move 

If you’re finding truck rental quotes to be more than you expected, check out these tips for getting the cheapest truck rental rates possible. Or consider an alternative! For many people moving long-distance, U-Pack is often the best option. For that same move above, U-Pack quoted: 

  • 15 linear feet in a moving trailer (similar in space to the 20’ U-Haul): $2,863 
  • Liability coverage: included 
  • Fuel: included 
  • Taxes: no extra charge 

Total: $2,863 

For less money than renting a truck, you could get the same amount of space and not have to drive. When comparing moving truck costs, saving money and time is a win-win. 

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