How Much Does U-Haul Cost for Out-Of-State Moves?

U-Haul rental prices for moving long distance 

It’s hard to beat the U-Haul® in-town advertised rental truck rate starting at $19.95 per day. But those prices aren’t what you’ll see when moving out of state or across the country.  

Let’s explore U-Haul costs for out-of-state moves and how their prices compare to U-Pack®, another DIY moving solution that’s easier and often more affordable. 

How do U-Haul rates stack up for moves to another state? 

We looked at U-Haul rates for moving a 3-bedroom home 1,250 miles from Santa Fe, NM, to Nashville, TN, in May 2024, using the company’s recommended equipment. This quote is just an example. Actual moving costs will vary. 

Equipment  U-Haul 26-ft truck 
Rental  $3,971* 
Environmental fee $5
Damage/Liability coverage  $99
Roadside assistance fee  $7
Taxes  $325.54 
Estimated fuel costs  $425** 
Total  $4,832.54 

*Up to 5 days and 1,430 miles. Extra fees for going over days or mileage will vary. 
**Based on AAA’s average gas price of $3.40 per gallon at the time of posting using the truck’s estimated MPG according to U-Haul’s website. 

U-Haul charges a base rate for a set number of days and miles based on your move. Fees for going over vary by location. They also add an environmental fee and taxes where applicable. You can opt to pay for liability coverage and roadside assistance at the time of rental. 

It’s also important to note that you can expect to spend $425 or more on fuel (in the example move) because of the U-Haul rental truck's gas mileage.  

Is there a cheaper way to move long distance? 

Is the cost of renting a truck to move long distance more than you want to spend? It’s possible to make a DIY move with U-Pack for less — and you won’t have to drive the moving equipment. 

For the example move from Santa Fe to Nashville, you could get 17 linear feet of space (recommended for moving 3-bedroom homes) in a moving trailer for only $2,869 — nearly $2,000 cheaper than U—Haul without the driving or paying extra for fuel. U-Pack’s price includes equipment, transportation and liability coverage. Taxes do not apply. 

Want to know the cost of your move? 

Want to see just how affordable your out-of-state move can be with U-Pack? Get a free, no-obligation quote online today or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant.  

If you have questions about how U-Pack works or how our rates compare to U-Haul, let us know in the comments. We’re always happy to help! 

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