U-Haul Rates

Are U-Haul’s advertised prices too good to be true? 

U-Haul® rental trucks are often an economical choice for local moves with advertised rates starting at $19.95 per day. But prices increase significantly when you’re moving out of state or across the country. By the time you add in costs like fuel and liability coverage that are not included in the base rate, you might find that renting a truck isn’t the cheapest way to move long distance. Learn more about U-Haul rates and how U-Pack® prices compare. 

How does U-Haul figure pricing for long-distance moves?

Before you rent U-Haul equipment for an out-of-state move, make sure you understand what goes into the final cost.  

Charges will include the following: 

  • Base rate for a set number of days and miles* 
  • Liability coverage 
  • Fuel (out-of-pocket cost for rental trucks) 
  • Delivery/transportation (for U-Box® portable storage containers) 
  • Taxes 

*Extra fees vary for going over mileage or days of rental 

Is U-Pack cheaper than U-Haul to move out of state? 

In many cases, U-Pack is a cheaper way to move long distance. We’re a DIY moving service where you do the packing and loading, and then we handle the driving.  

Let’s look at an example move for a 3-bedroom home from Albuquerque, NM, to Columbus, OH, in April 2023. Prices were accurate at time of posting and were based on each company’s recommended equipment for the home size. Actual moving costs will vary. 

U-Haul had two equipment options for this example: 

26-ft moving truck (6 days, 1,731 miles) $2,861
Environmental fee $5
Safemove® damage coverage/SafeTrip® $105
Taxes $222.11
Estimated Fuel $600.66**
Total $3,793.77

**Based on AAA's average gas prince of $3.47 at time of posting for the 26-ft truck's estimated 10 MPG according to U-Haul's website.


6 U-Box portable storage containers $389.70
Recommended $5,000 insurance coverage $108
Delivery fees $198
Transportation fee $6,678
Total $7,373.70***

***State and local taxes may also apply. 

For the same move, U-Pack also offered two similar options (at much lower prices): 

  • 17 linear feet in a moving trailer for $2,746  
  • 3 ReloCube® moving containers for $3,634  

U-Pack’s quotes, which included equipment, transportation, fuel and liability coverage, were a better deal for this example. Want to compare prices for your out-of-state move? Get your free, no-obligation quote online today or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant. 


Do you have any questions about moving with U-Pack? Let us know in the comments. We’re always happy to help! 

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