How to Meet the Neighbors

Get to know the people in your new neighborhood

Moving to a new place is exciting, but it can be tough to find yourself living next to people you don’t know. Are they nice? Would they be good dinner party or movie night companions? Could you borrow a cup of sugar from them if you needed it? Maybe you can collect mail or water plants for each other during vacations. While you don’t have to become best friends with your new neighbors, it’s beneficial for everyone to be friendly.

New neighbors hanging out after moving.


Top 10 ways to meet your neighbors

Meeting the neighbors doesn’t have to be awkward. Try these 10 tips to start the conversation:

1. Ask for an introduction

The previous residents (or property manager if you’re renting) might be willing to introduce you to the neighbors. Being introduced is a good way to learn the neighbors’ names, and you might also discover some common hobbies.

2. Knock on the door

Sometimes, it’s best to just drop by and introduce yourself. Make sure to keep your encounter brief so you don’t overstay your welcome. Exchange contact information if your neighbor is comfortable with the idea.

3. Leave a note (and gift)

If ringing someone’s doorbell isn’t your style, don’t worry! You can still make an introduction by leaving a note and small gift like a plant or some baked goods on your neighbor’s doorstep. Let them know you’re new to the neighborhood and include your contact information in case they’d like to reach out.

4. Be friendly and approachable

If you want your neighbors to take initiative and introduce themselves, make sure to give them the opportunity. Spend time outside on your porch or in your garden. Frequent the common areas of an apartment building. Smile and wave at your neighbors. Don’t be afraid to use your kids or pets as a reason to start a conversation if you notice neighbors with kids or tending to their pets.

5. Join a neighborhood group

If your new home is part of a community group such as a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), a Facebook page or a neighborhood watch, make sure to join and attend meetings as a way to meet your neighbors.

6. Attend community events

Watch for community or volunteer events near you and make plans to attend. Many of your neighbors may also be at these events and see you as a newcomer who wants to get involved with the community.

7. Be a good neighbor

Often, the best way to have good neighbors is to be one. Follow the neighborhood rules of keeping your yard clean and trash cans properly stored. Pay attention to the regular noise levels to avoid becoming “that loud neighbor.”

If you see someone in your neighborhood struggling with a task, do something! Does an elderly neighbor need assistance unloading groceries? Offer to help carry their bags. Could the DIY-person next door use some help holding up some lumber? Lend your muscles. Being helpful is a great way to break the ice.

8. Ask for advice

Most people love to advise others. Ask your new neighbors for recommendations about the area. Most will be happy to offer suggestions for the best restaurants, gyms, attractions, medical services and more.

9. Host a party

Another great way to meet people is to throw a housewarming party. Invite the neighbors and show off some cooking or barbeque skills — or take-out if you prefer — to get to know many people at once.

10. Be observant

Observe your neighborhood for clues in your quest to get to know the new neighbors. Look for things you have in common. Notice a fellow sports fan? Invite them over to watch the next big game! Do they have children the same age? Suggest a play date. Getting to know your neighbors can come naturally if you’re friendly and share some interests.

Recently moved?

If you recently moved to a new area, meeting the neighbors is one of many exciting things you can look forward to. What makes you most excited about getting to know the new people around you? Let us know in the comments!