How to Meet the Neighbors

Getting to know your new neighbors

You might be excited to meet new people, nervous about the experience or somewhere in between, but getting to know neighbors can go a long way to making a place feel like home. Making introductions could be the start of lifelong friendships, so whether you’re welcoming new people to the neighborhood or have recently moved to a new state, these steps will help you get started.

New neighbors hanging out after moving.


3 steps for being neighborly 

Meeting the neighbors doesn’t have to be awkward. Try these 10 tips to start the conversation:

1. Introduce yourself

Your neighbors might be shy or not want to intrude, but you don’t have to wait for people to introduce themselves. Just knock on the door and say hello! Offer to exchange contact information, and don’t overstay your welcome. 

Here’s what else you can do: 

Leave a note

If you’re anxious about meeting new people or your neighbors aren’t home, leave a note with your contact information and some fun facts about your family.

Drop off a gift

Take over a small gift for your neighbors. Consider baked goods, a candle or a small houseplant.

Offer a compliment

If you see someone outside tending their lawn or flowers, offer a genuine compliment to break the ice for a chat. 

Housewarming party

Invite your neighbors to a housewarming party. This social event is a great way to meet a lot of new people at once and show off cooking or grilling skills (or dialing skills if you’d rather have food delivered)!

2. Ask about neighborhood rules

The best way to have good neighbors is to be one, so talk to your nearest neighbors about any rules or regulations (written or unwritten) for your new neighborhood. Most people love to give advice, so they’ll be happy to help you fit in to the community. If there aren’t any guidelines, start with some of these tips to be someone you’d want to live near:

Stay tidy

Keep the outside of your home clean, the yard mowed and pay attention to when to place and remove trash or recycling bins at the curb. If you have pets, clean up after them and keep them off others’ lawns. 

Don’t be too loud

It can be annoying living next to someone blaring loud music or practicing their drum solo at all hours of the night. Pay attention to regular quiet times to avoid being a nuisance. 

Offer help

If you see someone struggling with yardwork or unloading things from their car, lend your muscles to help! You could also offer to collect mail or water plants when neighbors are out of town. Be sure to accept help, too, since trading favors can be a good experience for everyone.

3. Join a local group or online community

Join the HOA, neighborhood watch or a local Facebook group. If there isn’t a group, consider starting one and inviting others.  

  • Attend community events or hang out in common areas to meet new people. 
  • Volunteer to serve on committees or take a watch shift. 
  • Ask for recommendations for the best restaurants, service providers or things to do in town. 

Embrace new relationships with your neighbors

What do you like most about your neighbors or how did you meet them? Let us know in the comments!