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How to Meet the Neighbors

April 22nd, 2013 - 4:01 PM
How to Meet Your Neighbors After a Move 

When we moved, I had dreams of a neighborhood like that on Desperate Housewives where everyone knows each other (but without all the drama, crime and infidelity). However, as we unpacked and got settled in, we had yet to meet any of our neighbors. No one brought over baskets of baked goods. No one rang the doorbell to welcome us to the neighborhood. It wasn’t that they weren’t friendly; they just didn’t know how to meet their neighbors! So whether you are the newbie in the area, or you have new folks moving in next door, here are some tips for meeting your neighbors.

How to Meet the Neighbors when You are New in Town

If you are the new person to the neighborhood, a great way to meet your neighbors is to ask for local recommendations. Now, don’t bug your neighbors as they are leaving for work, or right when they come home. In fact, it can feel awkward simply walking up and ringing the doorbell.  But bite the bullet and do it! You can do the old “I need to borrow a cup of sugar” trick, but you will be more successful if you open the door for communication.

You can ring the doorbell, introduce yourself, and say hello. You should bring your name, number, and email written down to give to your neighbor. You might say to your neighbor, “Hi, I’m Brittney. I just moved in two houses down. We are new to this area and I would love it if sometime we could chat about some local stuff. I don’t want to bother you now, but when you get some free time, give me a call or email. I’d love to hear all about this area.” When your neighbor gets back in touch with you, invite them over for coffee or maybe dessert after dinner one evening. Chat and ask questions about the area. Ask about recommendations for restaurants, doctors, or anything else you might want to know.

Also, if you throw a housewarming party, be sure to invite your neighbors. A casual drop in is a great opportunity to meet the neighbors.

How to Meet the Neighbors when Someone New Moves In

If you notice a moving company out front of a house next door, you should go meet your new neighbors!  It is so nice to welcome folks to your neighborhood, but you have to go about it the right way. Don’t go meet the neighbors when they are unloading moving boxes. They will be rushed and tired. Wait until they are finished unloading and give them a few days. Then you can stop by to say hello. I recommend bringing a “welcome gift” with you. Here are some ideas: cookies or muffins from a local bakery, lemonade mix and a pitcher, a fruit basket, a new coffee mug, or a snack pack full of snack items. Really your options are endless. Take the items, along with your contact information to your neighbors. Say hello and welcome them to the neighborhood. Let them know that if they need any local recommendations or information to call or email you. Leave the door open for communication.

Don’t live in isolation when you have people living next door to you. Go meet those neighbors! You never know when you might need to borrow a cup of sugar or have them pick up your mail when you are out of town. You never know, a new neighbor might even become a good friend! It all starts with meeting the neighbors!