How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Welcome friends into your new place with a housewarming party

If your friends keep asking, “When can we come to see the new place?” the easiest way to show off your new home is by throwing a housewarming party. Traditionally, housewarmings were events where neighbors and friends brought actual firewood to a home when new residents moved in. During this gathering, they would help light fires in all the fireplaces. And it was also thought that the happiness would drive away any negative spirits. Nowadays, a housewarming is a great way to invite people over to take a look around. We know that you’re probably tired from all the activities of moving and unpacking, but the good news is that a housewarming party is pretty simple to plan.

Welcome mat and moving boxes at the door of a housewarming party.


How to host a housewarming party in 5 easy steps

While others could technically host for you, it’s perfectly acceptable to throw your own housewarming party (unlike other milestone parties like bridal or baby showers). Here’s how to throw a great gathering in your new home:

1. Make your guest list

Your party can be as big or small as you want. As you talk with your family or roommates about who to invite, your only limit will be the amount of space you have. Ideally, you would have a seat for everyone, but if you only plan on people dropping in, then just make sure there’s enough space for them to mingle. And if you’re going to have the party outdoors, make sure to have enough shaded areas and seating out there as well. If you’re moving to a new city and don’t know many people, this is a great time to meet the neighbors or invite your new coworkers over.

2. Pick a theme

These housewarming party theme ideas can help you set the menu and the tone for the event.

Home Sweet Home

Invite folks over for dessert one evening. For this party, the vibe is casual, like your favorite coffee shop. Think about acoustic music and bakery treats.

Home is the Best Place in the World

A potluck is an easy and fun way for guests to get involved and share their favorite dishes. For this theme, ask guests to bring their favorite dish from another country and go on a world tour together, ending with a local dish or dessert from a local bakery.

Garden Party

If you’d like to host the event outside, ask people to bring a plant and help you place it in your garden. Have shovels and gloves on hand so they can get in on the action.


Another fun outdoor housewarming party idea is to host a tailgate. Run an extension cord and put your TV on the patio (or set up a projector), serve game-day snacks and ask everyone to come over for the game. You can take small family groups on tours during commercial breaks.

Open House Party

If you want a laid-back come-and-go event, let guests know that your house will be open during a set time one afternoon or evening. Invite them to drop in and check out the new place during that time.

3. Send out invitations

A housewarming party is more informal, so it’s OK to send texts or invite people online. If paper invites are your thing, they will work, too. Be sure to include the essential details (date, time, your new address) and tell them any party details, like bringing something or dropping in instead of staying the whole time.

This invite is also a great place to be clear about your gift policy. While you can set up a registry, many consider it in poor taste since you’re basically inviting people over to give you gifts. If you’d like them to contribute something for the party, that’s fine, but most people prefer to keep it casual and let guests know, “Please no gifts. We just want to invite you into our new home.”

4. Plan a menu

Unless the party is happening at mealtime, it’s fine only to serve snacks, and store-bought is fine. You can choose foods to go with your theme — sweet treats and a coffee bar for Home Sweet Home, wings and dips for a tailgate, etc. Make sure to have plenty of drinks, whether that’s cold water bottles, a batch of punch or a signature cocktail.

5. Set the atmosphere

People are there to see your home, but many won’t open doors that are shut or go into dark rooms. Once everything is tidied up, leave the light on and the door open in a room so they can look around. Turn on lamps or indirect lighting to make a more welcoming atmosphere since they’re more soothing than harsh overhead lights. Lighting a candle or turning on a diffuser can also be a great idea, so the house doesn’t smell like cleaning products. Turn on soft music in the common areas (or around the house if you have smart speakers). Keep the volume low so people don’t have to yell over the music. Some great words to look for on your favorite music app are “coffee shop,” “lo-fi,” or “acoustic.”

Let us know how your housewarming party goes!

We love to hear the creative ways you make these housewarming party ideas come to life. Come back after your event and let us know how which ideas you used.