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What To Do When Moving To A New City

April 17th, 2012 - 9:44 AM

What are your reasons for moving to a new city – brand new job, a job transfer, getting closer to family, getting married, restarting your life? Whatever has you moving, the first order of business is to get a plan.

I know; we’re always talking about plans around here. But experience tells us that when it comes to something as big as a move to a new city, knowing the how, when, and where of what’s going to happen is a huge game-changer.

Step 1
Start researching moving companies.
That includes getting moving quotes. U-Pack Moving is a great place to start. Begin 30-60 days from your move.

Step 2
Reserve your move.
Once you’re settled on a mover, go ahead and book your move. With U-Pack, once your move is reserved, the price and equipment are locked in. And, there’s no down-payment or deposit. You won’t pay a thing until after your belongings are loaded.

Step 3
Get prepared for moving day.
U-Pack provides a helpful Moving Checklist to help you every step of the way. Print it off and carry it with you throughout your move.

Step 4
Begin researching your new city.
Get to know the lay-of-the-land. Where are the safest neighborhoods and best schools? Where are medical facilities and pharmacies located? Where are local grocery stores, shopping malls, libraries, etc.? Knowing these things ahead of time will definitely mean less time spend driving around aimlessly. Of course, if you have time to drive around aimlessly, you may just run onto some cool stuff in your new city!

Step 5
Choose your neighborhood.
If you know how much you’ll have to spend on your rent/mortgage before you arrive, you’re one step ahead. You can sift through the housing market to find a place that fits your needs and budget. If you’re not certain yet, consider temporarily renting or leasing until you have a better idea of the neighborhood and home you’re ready to commit to. If you’re ready to commit, consider these questions:

  • Do you prefer a house or is an apartment or condominium more your style?
  • Do you prefer a busy area or a quiet neighborhood?
  • Do you prefer a central location or to live outside the city?
  • Do you need outdoor running/biking/walking paths close by?
  • If you’re moving with kids, do you want to be within walking distance of parks/schools/museums?

Step 6
Get to know your area – first hand.
Whether you prefer to discover the city on your own, or let the locals help, you’ll definitely want to get out and about to see what your new city has to offer. Start by requesting a city guide from the area Chamber of Commerce or visitor’s center. Then begin exploring the area to find local hot spots for dining, sight-seeing, outdoor recreation, shopping, etc. You’ll also want to look at things like crime statistics so you’re aware of the safe and not-so-safe areas in your new city.  

If you like a great coffee house, search one out. If you enjoy live music, check out the music venues in the area. If you enjoy exercise, join a gym. If you love running, join a running club. If you belong to a church, search out a new church in your new city. This is a good time to make your new city your home, begin meeting new friends, and make yourself at home.

Step 7
Take care of all of the important stuff.
With an out-of-state move comes the need to do an official change of address, new driver’s license, vehicle tags, etc. The moving checklist is great for helping you through this process.

Rather than thinking of moving as difficult, I like to think of it as a great adventure (easy for me to say since I’m not in the middle of a move, right?). If you have questions about how U-Pack can make moving to your new city easy and affordable, leave a comment below, or call 1-800-413-4799. We’ll be happy to help!