Solutions for Unique Moving Circumstances

Overcome your moving challenges

Do you feel like your moving situation is out of the ordinary? Well, rest assured, there’s no such thing as “normal” when it comes to moving. We’ve helped more than a million customers move, and have seen just about everything you can imagine. Some challenges are super easy to work around, and some require a little more creative problem-solving. Take a look at the situations below, and read about the solutions we offer.  

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U-Pack has solutions for …


Summer and the days around holidays are considered “peak” times for moving. That means prices may be a little higher, and availability could be an issue. To address this, with U-Pack, you can reserve your move ahead of time to guarantee equipment availability — and there’s no down payment or deposit required. Learn about the challenges you may face when moving during the holidays (summer, fall or winter), and how to overcome them.

Difficult parking

Limited or no parking? Street parking only? No problem! We offer loading on-site at our service center or in some cases we can do a live load or a same day drop off and pick up (where the equipment is only at your home for a short time). Our moving consultants can check availability for your move and recommend the best choice for your parking conditions. Read more about special parking cases U-Pack can work around.

Crossing the border

If your move requires passing through the U.S./Canada border, following guidelines and having the right paperwork is critical. U-Pack can help. Just complete the required paperwork and provide it to us when we pick up your shipment, then we’ll clear it for you at the border. Learn more about how easy it is to move to or from Canada with U-Pack.

Exact deadlines

We have one of the fastest transit times in the industry, but sometimes that’s not fast enough. And sometimes you need to know the EXACT day of delivery. You got it! Just add U-Pack Guaranteed to your move, and we’ll deliver on the day you need it.

Moving across the ocean

Headed to Puerto Rico or Hawaii? U-Pack can help! Of course, we don’t drive there, but we put your moving equipment on a ship, and it sails to the islands.

Bad weather

While we hope this doesn’t happen, inevitably customers experience rain and snow on moving day (the chances are higher in some areas than others). We can’t change the weather, but we can give three business days to load and three business days to unload. Learn more about dealing with rain on moving day.

Try and stump us with your unique moving needs

Does your move have some challenges to work around? We’re here to help! We’ll work to come up with a solution and get you moving across the country. Leave a comment below, or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to explore your options.