Solutions for Unique Moving Circumstances

When your move needs outside-the-box planning

At U-Pack®, we understand that not every moving scenario is the same. That’s why we have solutions for many different circumstances to help our customers make the most of their long-distance moves. From quick relocation to tricky parking issues, we’ve got you covered for almost any moving situation. 

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Need a fast move…or a slow one?

If you need your stuff quickly, it’s good to have access to an experienced moving service that can deliver on time. U-Pack shipments are generally fast, averaging only 4-6 days in transit. If you need to know an exact window, speak to our moving consultants about guaranteed delivery, which is especially helpful for scheduling moving labor on a specific day. Also, if you don’t need three full days to load or unload the moving equipment, we can arrange for earlier pickup. 

But what if you’re not in a hurry? U-Pack can handle that too! Store ReloCube® moving containers at origin or destination (based on availability) for as long as you need for a monthly fee. 

Planning to move during an unusual time of year?

Not everyone can move during the peak moving season of the summer months. Winter, spring, summer and fall moving times are available with U-Pack. You can reserve equipment early with no down payments or deposits, and if plans change, just cancel the reservation up to 7 days before the move with no charge.  

Need to move during the holidays? We can help! 

Moving when there’s potential for severe weather?

No one wants bad weather or rain on moving day. But since U-Pack allows three full business days for loading and unloading, you can take time to wait out unfavorable conditions. And we’ll work with you if inclement weather prevents delivery or pickup of the moving equipment.  

Moving during the winter? Learn about driving in snow and ice

Still working on a plan for housing?

Moving to a new city soon, but you haven’t found the perfect place yet? It’s okay! Planning a move without a forwarding address is easy with U-Pack. Just request a quote using only the zip code for the destination to make the reservation. Then, update the final address* up to 7 days before delivery.  

*Changing the destination zip code may result in a price change. 

Unsure how much moving space you’ll need?

U-Pack moving solutions are flexible. Empty Cubes are picked up at no extra cost, so it’s okay to order as many as you might need since you’ll only pay for the ones you use. Ordering additional ReloCubes during the loading process will have an extra delivery fee. 

If you book a moving trailer, you can use less space (down to a minimum of 5 linear feet) and have your rate reduced. The reverse is also true — fill more space in the moving trailer and pay for each extra linear foot at the rate listed on your quote.  

Relocating outside the continental U.S.?

Request your quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to one of our moving consultants. U-Pack can help with moves to: 

Is parking tricky?

We know parking at apartment complexes or storage facilities can have special rules, and some homes may have little or no parking available. That’s why we offer on-site loading at service centers (which will also save money) and other solutions when parking isn’t ideal. Just call one of our moving consultants to work out the best option for your parking situation.

Have questions?

Do you have another moving situation we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a helpful moving consultant. We’re happy to help find a solution for your unique move!