Moving Over the Holidays

Making the most of a holiday move

Moving over the holidays might not be your first choice, but it’s possible to transition smoothly with the right preparation. While many moving tasks are the same year-round, there are some special considerations when a move is near a major holiday, like rescheduling celebrations or finding a mover when you need them.  

Fortunately, there’s a service like U-Pack® to help you relocate during unique moving circumstances — including holiday moves. Check out these 5 tips to make the most of a move before, during or after the holidays. 

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5 tips for moving during the holidays  


Stay positive

Moving long distance over the holidays can make an already stressful situation seem more hectic, so it’s important to keep a positive attitude. It helps to stay organized with a moving checklist and remember that the moving process is temporary. So, take a deep breath and embrace the holiday spirit — you’ll be settled in at the new home soon.

Book early and be flexible with dates

Schedules can be unpredictable around holidays, so it’s important to book moves as soon as possible to lock in the date and secure the moving equipment. Depending on the time of year, you may need to choose a date right before or just after a holiday to find a mover with availability, so it helps to stay flexible if you can.  

Other things to keep in mind: 

  • Some movers have less equipment available during the off-peak moving season — typically the winter months — to allow for maintenance.  
  • It’s usually better to move before the holiday except for Christmas. (Since most travel for Christmas happens the week before, you’ll encounter less traffic if you can move between the day after Christmas and New Year’s Eve). 
  • Holidays can be busy for moving companies, which can result in higher prices. 
  • With U-Pack, it’s free to get a quote and reserve a move! 

Reserve holiday travel accommodations in advance  

Many people travel during the holidays, so if you need a hotel, airfare or other arrangements while relocating, it’s important to plan ahead. Make reservations as early as possible to secure travel on the date you want and a place to stay overnight if needed. 

Anticipate travel delays

Airports are especially busy during the holidays, so allow extra time to navigate and get through security. If you’re driving, watch out for more traffic on the highways and be prepared for delays, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Depending on the time of year and where you’re traveling, you might also need extra time for driving on snow and ice.

Celebrate the holiday (even if it looks different)

Don’t give up holiday celebrations just because you’re moving. Plan to scale back or make other adjustments. It might also be an excellent time to start some new traditions.  

Other tips: 

  • Decorate your current home if you’re moving after the holiday, and plan to pack decorations last. It’s okay to put up less decor than usual! 
  • If you’re moving before the holiday and plan to decorate at the new home, make sure the boxes are labeled and easy to access after the move. 
  • Consider celebrating the holiday early or late to avoid interfering with moving plans. 

Plan a holiday move with U-Pack

U-Pack serves all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, and we’re ready to help with moves over the holidays. Get a free, no-obligation quote online or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to speak to a moving consultant.  

What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Let us know in the comments!